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Trigger Warning.

Y/n pov

I was slammed against the floor. My angry parents stood over me. Each let out a series of insults. Saying things you should never say to anyone. And for what? Because I was different? I had cat ears and a fluffy tail. I honestly thought I looked adorable, apparently they thought other wise. This was how I lived everyday of my life. It would start as insults, then they got violent. At first, it started as a slap, when I was young, then progressed up to beating me until I couldn't move. This was going to be one of those times. Each took turns kicking and punching me. In a matter of minutes, I had a black eye, bruises everywhere, and a split open lip, blood leaking from it. They both stopped suddenly, making me look up in slight surprise. Something gleamed in my fathers hand. A box cutter. He flicked his thumb, sliding the razor out. My eyes widened in horror.

Twenty minutes of agony later, I was on the floor, cuts all over my body. When he was done, he threw down the bloody box cutter, sneering and speaking. The words still echoed in my ears. 
"Kill yourself." I got up, not hesitating to grab the glistening object. I left quickly, limping of course. This wasn't my home anymore. It never was. I was soon lost in the woods. Finally, I collapsed into a ball, sobbing and shaking. Everything hurt. And I planned to stop it. Forever. So, sitting up, I pulled the box cutter out. My tail twitched at the thought of  what would come. But I didn't care anymore. With the smallest of smiles, I took the blade out, tossing the hunk of metal aside. The blade was all I needed. I pressed it too my wrist, hesitating slightly. Did I really want o do this? Yes, I decided. I tightened my grip, digging it in a slashing it downwards. I, however, didn't get very far. A furred hand grabbed it, ripped it away easily, and slung it somewhere never to be found. I looked up in fear, my tail fluffing up. I didn't expect what I saw. It was a creature, an inhuman creature. It had brown fur covering its body, and stood up right, like an ordinary person would. They wore a slightly torn suit, splattered with blood. A red tie was tied loosely around its neck. Even though it had sharp looking claws, it held a sharpened ax. I, being the terrified girl I was, screamed, stumbling back. Instantly, the monster grabbed my wrist, yanking me up and close to its chest. "Wanna tell me why there's a hybrid trying to commit suicide in my woods?" It growled, the voice deep, it appeared to be male. A low growl rumbled in his throat, waiting for an answer. "I-I d-don't know!" I whispered, tears brimming my eyes. He sighed slightly, Speaking in a slightly softer voice, "What happened to you?" I shakily glanced down at myself, I looked awful. So, with tears spilling out, I told him my sop story. It didn't seem to  matter, if he killed me or not, so why not? He listened, never interrupting. "A-and I ju-just want don't w-want to live any-anymore!" I finished, pressing my hands to my face a crying into them. To my surprise, big fluffy arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me into his chest. I whimpered in slight pain. Next, surprising my more, he picked me up, holding me bridal style. He turned, and started walking. I stayed quiet, both in confusion and fear. A house came into view. An old looking one. He walked inside without a word, shutting the door and setting me on the couch. Next, he walked away, coming back with what looked like medical supplies. "What's your name?" He asked, gingerly taking my arm, and working at the wounds. "Y-Y/n."I stuttered, my tail flicking slightly. He gave me a soft smile, "That's a pretty name. My name's Jerome." I blushed sightly, "Th-thanks..." He nodded, "So, you're a Neko? Didn't think I'd ever see one here." "A-a what?" I asked, slightly confused. He chuckled softly, moving to my other arm, apparently done with that one, "A hybrid." I hesitated, "I-I guess so....W-what are you?" He chuckled again, "A Bacca. I don't understand why people hate hybrids so much." I quietly agreed, "Y-yeah, I just wish I was normal.' He laughed, slightly startling me, "Normal? You want to be normal? Trust me, kid, you don't want to be normal. You should be happy that you're like this! I mean, do you know how many people wish to be special? And you, my friend, are special. Don't ever forget that." I looked at the ground, " one likes me..." Jerome lifted my chin, making me look at him, "You just haven't found the right people yet. Besides, I like you." "Y-you do?" He grinned, "Of course. If I didn't, you'd probably be dead, consider yourself lucky." I didn't know what he meant by that, and I didn't want to know. He was doen with the worst of the wounds, sitting back. He grinned, something feral flashing in his eyes, "So, wanna tell me where these parents of yours live? I feel like they deserve a...visit."

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