"You're suppose to go to your knees when I come in here."

I dropped to my knees, "I-Im sorry..." "Sir" I added.

He walked to me, and grabbed my chin, looking at me.

"Stand" I stood up.

"Turn" I turned 360°

"You're beautiful, Elizabeth" He kissed me gently, then pulled away.

"In addition to the tattoo, I got you something else. So others will know your status" he stepped behind me, and clipped something around my neck. I turned and looked into the mirror.

Around my neck, was a black collar, with a "S" carved into it. Attached to the metal ring, was a charm that said my name on one side, and the initials N.C.S.

"N.C.S.?" I whispered out loud.

I heard a light chuckle behind me. "Yes dear."

I blushed lightly, "Who is it, sir?"


"Oh..." Duh, you idiot. He said you were his.

He chuckled at me again, taking my hand, he lead me out the door.


We finally came to a stop, after taking many turns, an elevator ride, and going through security. We stood just outside a door, on the other side, I could hear music and talking.

"You're going to behave in here. Do what I tell you. No sex, with anyone. Remember your rules. Everyone not wearing a collar like yours, is miss or sir. Got it?" He said to me, sternly.

"Yes, sir." I whispered, scared I was going to screw up.

"Good girl." He grabbed my hand, opened the door, and lead me into a massive room.

Immediately, we were swamped with people, wanting to shake his hand, and talk to him.

" Hello, Mr.Stone! What a pleasure to see you again" A woman with graying hair said, wrapping her arms around him, in a hug.

Mr. Stone

I quickly looked at the floor, as my hand been let go.

The next several minutes went by like this. Until finally he turned back to me, and lead me to a chair, sitting down himself.

I stood in front of him, unsure of what to do. Seeing my confusion, he spoke.

"When I sit, you ask if you may sit, if there's a seat for you. If not, you ask to kneel. If told no, you stand on my right, if said yes to kneeling, you kneel, to my right."

I nodded, "may I kneel sir?" He nodded "Thank you, sir" I knelt next to him.

He placed his hand on my head, rubbing his thumb in circles. A waiter soon brought him a drink, which he began to sip at. A group of four men, with four girls following behind, approached us from across the room.

"Hey! Noah, how's it going?" One with blond hair asked, grasping His hand in his own.


"Hello, Charlie" Noah grinned back.

Noah. C. Stone

"How's the new one treating you?" Charlie asked, waving in my direction.

"She's doing great. A little fiesty, but that's how I like them. More of a thrill to tame then. Elizabeth, sat Hi to my friends dear."


"Hi, sirs" I managed to force out.

Don't get mad here.

"How about we let the girls go get acquainted?" Noah said. The boys all nodded.

Soon I found myself, seated with the four girls.

"I'm Samantha, or Sam." Said a redheaded one "Charlie's my master"

"I'm Alice, Ben is mine, he's the one with brown hair." She shook my hand.

"Anna, Jacob, blond hair" she spoke quickly. Before dropping her gaze.

"Emily, Anna is my twin, you'll have to ignore her. My master is Hunter. Our Masters are twins as well." She hugged me, warmly.

"You're Elizabeth, Noah's new slave, right?" Sam asked.

"I prefer Eliza... but yea.. Wait, new?"

"Yea! He had a girl, like, a month ago, but she-" Emily began explaining really quickly, before Anna cut her off

"We're not suppose to discuss what happens to slaves who fail at their job, Emily." Anna growled at her twin

"Oh yea.. Oops." Emily blushes.

Suddenly, I feel the need to pee. "Uh.. I'll be right back, have to use the washroom.." They all smile at me.

I couldn't remember if I needed to ask permission first or not, so I head to Noah.

About half way to him, a girl suddenly jumps in front of me, scaring me.

"Hey, your Noah's new bitch, right?" She doesn't give me a moment to reply. "He can do way better, he deserves better too. You'll end up like the last one. Used up, and washed out."

I feel my arm swinging at her, but I'm too late to stop myself. And soon I'm on top of her, hitting her, anywhere I can.

I feel strong arms, pull me off of her. "I'm not a bitch!!" I yell, trying to pull away. The arms force me around,


I stop fighting him immediately.

"We're leaving. Now." He growls, clamping his hand around my wrist and pulling me out of the room, back towards the bedroom.

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