Star Light Smurf Bright

"Lalaladedalalalala" sung Clumsy, when he came out from his house.

It was a perfectly normal day for the smurfs.  Everything was perfectly fine, Gargamel hasn't really found the village yet or tried to mess with the smurfs. Every smurf wonders, maybe hes up to a plan.

Clumsy went to walk up to Brainy's place, Brainy smurf was Clumsy's best friend of course. But sometimes Clumsy can get really annoyed of him sometimes, mostly like all the other smurfs.

"Uh, Brainy? Are you home?"  asked Clumsy when he stepped into his house.

It was really quiet, for some strange reason. The village was quiet, where was everybody?

"Um...Brainy...? B-b-b Brainy, uh please don't scare me I-I-I I'm not in the mood for these g-g-g-games."  mumbled Clumsy. 

Still silence, until Jokey came behind Clumsy and startled him.

"Hehehahahahehe! Hi Clumsy!" yelled Jokey when he was holding his "exploding gift"

Clumsy jumped, and spun to see Jokey.

"Oh, um hi-ya Jokey!" said Clumsy, shaking.

"I got you a present. Hehehahahehehe" yelled Jokey. Jokey put the gift in Clumsy's hands.

Clumsy rolled his eyes, he knew what it would do to him. Doesn't Jokey ever get sick of these gift jokes? Clumsy thought to him self.

"Uh, Jokey I-I I don't really need it right now, thanks a lot!" shouted Clumsy, and he gave the gift back to Jokey and walked away.

The gift exploded in Jokey's face. "Mmmm...that's not funny." mumbled Jokey.


"Golly! where is every smurf?" Clumsy said to him self.

Clumsy looked around, it was still quiet. Clumsy felt shaky he probably was shaky. He walked around every smurf house, there wasn't even snoring so the smurfs weren't sleeping.

The lunch bell rang, and Clumsy ran and tripped 2 times just to get to the lunch room.

"Uh, I'M COMING!" yelled Clumsy when he tripped the 3rd time when he just reached the lunch room.

Once he walked in, there wasn't really many smurf's in there. Clumsy quickly got his plate of food and sat down at the table with only 4 smurfs.

Greedy, Jokey, Handy and Vanity were there at the table, quietly whispering to each other at the table.

Once he sat down, Clumsy started talking out loud and asked, "Uh, guys where are all the other smurfs?"

Vanity still looked at him self in the mirror but then placed it down and stared at Clumsy for a moment. Greedy shrugged, Jokey's gift exploded in his face but didn't care, once he started pay attention to Clumsy's question. Handy stared at Clumsy and said, "Clumsy, we are wondering too. We have no idea where everyone else is."

Clumsy sighed and look down at his plate of food, he didn't want to eat it. He missed all the smurfs. Then he stared at Handy again and asked, "But Handy, I...I don't understand. What's happening?"

Vanity shook his head and shrugged. Handy, who was day dreaming... woke out of it and replied, "Who knows, maybe we are the only last 5 smurfs here."

Greedy spat out his food and gasped. "How could this be!?" shouted Greedy.

Jokey smiled and giggled "Maybe it's a joke, right? Hehehe." exclaimed Jokey.

Clumsy, Greedy, Handy and Vanity shook their heads and yelled "No!"

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