Chapter 2:

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(Y/N)'s prov:

This has defiantly taken me aback, I never thought I'd see him again. I can't tell if I'm truly horrified or so grateful. I wish he hadn't of saved me, everything would of been done if I had of died, everything would of been perfect. I can't tell him how and who did this he can never know. I will just have to go with the small lie of I was an over dramatic silly little girl. However I'm not sure he will buy it. How did he even find me?
I don't understand!
"Here's your tea." He hands me a small cup carful not to burn me, taking it from him slowly and carful not to spill.
"Thanks." I smile blowing away the steam flowing off of the darkened liquid. "Don't mention it." He says placing his hands in his pockets I look at him and his face grows sad. Looking under his bangs I flash him a kind smile, looking up at me his stunning bright eyes meet mine. "How did you survive? Where have you been (Y/N)?" He asks dawning onto a more serious note. Looking at him i feel my heart stop. "Yato this is complicated and the truth is I don't know the whole story yet myself." I say placing the cup down I invite him to sit on my bed. "Not only did I watch you die (y/n) no human survives this long, I don't care about how complicated it is I want to know everything." He says looking at me the light from his eyes growing as they seem to burn into my very soul while he looks at me waiting for answers I don't have.
"Someone saved me, a god of some sorts. I don't remember much but, and I don't know his name or even if it was a he at all. I was kept in an unknown location and at one stage I slept for what seemed like forever, I woke up and the world had changed so dramatically but I had stayed the same. Soon after that I was released left to wonder around like a lost puppy, until they made contact again." I say telling most of the story. "I saw you die." He repeats recalling the incident. "I think i did.." I say quietly recalling the feeling of fading away into nothing. "If that's true then you're someone's regalia." He says looking over every inch of skin that wasn't covered searching for a name that I may bare.
"But I don't have a name, and I still remember things from before I died like you, my life and my real original name."
I watch him scratch his head in confusion looking bewildered.
"I have no idea what to even say about this, it's just odd, I will ask around for now I think you need to rest." He says quietly getting up to leave as I clutch hold of his jacket much like a child holding onto its mother fearing that if she left and turned out the lights the monsters under her bed shall devour her.
"Don't go please!" I find myself begging he stops dead in his tracks looking away from me and his sent lingers around me. The nostalgic scent that I craved for years, the simple memory of it kept me going all this time, he kept me going all this time.
"I am going to find answers. I'm going to find who did this, and when I do im going to kill them. I won't lose you again do you understand me? I am going to do what I failed to do all those years ago, keep you safe. I am so sorry that I couldn't back then, but I won't make that same mistake." He turns to look at me and I feel old emotions build up, the regret, hurt, sadness, joy, anger.. I used to hope one day he'd one day he'd fall in love with me, much like I did for him. That was nothing short of wishful thinking, a god falling in love with a human girl? Sounds like a laughing matter, a fairy tail, someone's bad idea of a sick joke.
"Yato please I beg you please just stay. Just a little longer, please. I just wish for you to never leave again." His eyes widening as he goes slightly red, is he blushing?!
"Your wish has been heard loud and clear, I want my payment though. However I will defiantly be back, that's a promise." He gives me a silly smile that sends me fall in into fit of happiness.
"I'm not paying you anything." I tease.
"Pay me when I get back then." He says still smiling as I watch him open the window and leap out.

Yato's prov:

Leaping from the window I land on a nearby roof only to be ambushed by yukine and Hiyori who had clearly been waiting for the moment I leave.
"You two really are nosey." I sigh looking behind me spotting them before they could strike. "Who is she?" Yukine asks curious.
"(Y/N): she's just an old friend." I answer blatantly. "I don't know Yato, I've never seen you like that before, and I've never seen you look like that before. Also I thought I should tell you I don't think she did that to her self earlier.." He says looking at me worried.
"What makes you say that?" I ask curious what brought him to his conclusion.
"There was no weapon, she seemed more scared, and when I was talking to her while you seemed to space out she was mumbling on about us getting out of there as we may get hurt. Not to mention there was no phantom." He says quietly with a thoughtful face. I'm quite proud. "You catch on fast kid, you're learning." I put my arm around his neck and rub his head through his usual hat. "I'm proud of you."
"T-thank you." His face lighting up slightly.
"But you still haven't answered us Yato. Who is she?" hiyori says catching my attention, clearly wanting me to elaborate on my last answer that gave little information with no depth to it.
"That doesn't matter right now. It won't make a difference to the situation." I say growing tired of the repeated question.
"You and Yukine have fun, I'll see you two later." I leap from the building on a quest for answers. "Yato where are you going!!!" They call out I me and I ignore them completely. I will explain one day just not now.
I have no idea where to start with questions. Maybe Kofuku will know, not that I'm sure I want to divulge all this information to her, I don't really have a choice.

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