Brian Thomas, Marble Hornets

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Lets Cut the shit, I'm not some shy, cheesecake eating, stuttering pussy. I kill, i maim and i torture. Mostly for my master, but sometimes for the sheer joy of watching you squirm in pain and writhing in agony.

Nothing pisses me off more than these tween's thinking that i'm some some shy little cunt when in reality I'm your worst fucking nightmare, we all are. We aren't your friends. You can't be one of us.

We were chosen for a reason, to send a message of fear and change. But all you do is act like killing is fun. Are you idiotic? killing isn't fun, it's a serious task that can end badly if you don't do it right. It's fun for me because i know what the hell i'm doing and i know how to hide evidence you little shits.

I don't stutter, i don't shy away, if i did i'd be killed off a long time ago. This life is for the people that can handle it, not for those who want to be it but truly are not capable of doing any of the things we need them to do.

I'm done, i can't sit here and rant all day i have a family of three in my back yard i need to finish decapitating.

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