☯Chapter Two

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Cyn: OMG I'm So So Sorry. See This Is Why I Don't Play Hide And Seek In The Streets While Its Dark. STELLA YOU MADE ME HURT SOMEONE!!

See This Why I Don't Play Hide And Seek In The Dark. Stella Crazy Ass Wanted To Play In The Streets Just To Have More Fun Then Bumping Shit In The House. Now I've Actually Bumped A Person And Pretty Damn Hard.

???: I'm Fine * Looking Up*

She Looks Up At Me And She Is Dirty. She Is Wearing An Oversize Gray Coat That Needs Washing, Tights That Is Clearly Not Her Size,And Shoes Are Screaming Help Me Talking Toe Language But Yet Her Face Is Pretty And Has Long Ass Hair Bout As Long As My Extension.

Cyn: Damn You Rough

She Looked At Me With A Faint Smile And Walked Away. Fuck Man! I Ran Toward Her And Stopped In Front Of Her.

Cyn: I'm Sorry It Ju....Um I Didn't Mean It The Way It Came O-

I See Stella Ass Jogging Toward Me

Stella: Who Did Yo Clumsy Ass Hit Now?

Cyn: It Was An Accident And I'm Really Sorry Again

I Reached Out For Her But She Back Up

Erica: I'm Fine

Stella: Damn Are You Sure Your Okay? OMG She's Pregnant Cyn

I Look At Her Stomach And She Is. Please Tell Me I Hit Her Belly

Cyn: I Didn't Even Notice. Do You Want T-

Erica: Look I Do- SHITTT NOOO

Cyn: OMG What's Wrong? Are Yo-

Stella: Look Down Dumbass Her Water Just Broke * Pointing Toward The Ground*

Cyn: Oh Shit * Mumbling*

Stella: Hey Breath Okay * Rubbing Her Back* Cyn Help Me Pick Her Up

Cyn:* Still In A Trance* Why?

Stella: Cause She Is In Labor Stupid. Now Help Me Before I Hit Some Common Sense Into You.* Holding Her Up*

Shit What Is Wrong With Me? We Picked Her Up And She Isn't That Heavy. Who Could Leave A Pregnant Girl Alone And This Far Along?

???: Ahh Fuckkk! * Crying* I Still Have Two Mo- AHHH SHITT * Holding Her Stomach*

Me And Stella Was Holding Her Tight So She Won't Fall Or We Drop Her. Stella Got At The Wheel As I Stay In Back With Her. She Is Shaking And Trembling.

Cyn: Hey I Need You To Breath And Grab My Hands. What's Your Name?

???: Erica Oh God * Squeezing My Hands* Make It Stop Please * Sobbing*

Cyn: Beautiful Name * Stoking Her Hands With My Thumb* I'm Cyn

Erica: He's Too Early Unle-

We Pulled Up To The Entrance Of St.Paul's Hospital

Stella: We Are Here

I Got Out And Pick Erica Up Bridal Style And Carried Her In As Stella Barges In Screaming


A Whole Bunch Of Doctors Came As One Of Them Take Her From My Arms But She Still Has My Hands.

Doctor One: What's Her Name?

Cyn: It's Erica

Doctor Two: We Need To Get This Baby Out Now. Fuck The Shot Right Now!! And The Heart Beat Is Low

Doctor Three: Come On The Baby Is About Is Droping * Rushing Her To The Back*

She Still Has My Hands And I Don't Want Her To Let Go

Doctor One: I'm Sorry Ma'am But Only Family Is Allowed Back Here And She Is Definitely Poor

Cyn: I'm The Only She Has Right Stella? * Looking At Stella*

Stella: Um Yeah We Finally Found Her After Days Of Searching

Damn And She Didn't Even Blank Not Once

Doctor One: Okay But Come With Me So I Can Get You Suited Up

Cyn: Okay * Following Him*

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