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"Hurry up and eat, you have an interview in an hour and then we need to get to the music show you are supposed to host." Lee Jongsuk, Seungcheol's manager said as his eyes hovered over the calendar in his hand. In that tiny calendar, Seungcheol's whole schedule was written in.

"And when are we going to New York? I thought that we would be going today..." Seungcheol pointed out. He was actually looking forward to go overseas and meet the rapper he had been in touch with for a while now; Vernon. The two had written a rap together over iMessage, and now they decided to meet up to record it together. Since Seungcheol's manager thought it was a good opportunity to get his name out worldwide, he arranged concerts, interviews and photoshoots in New York.

"We are," Jongsuk said. "After the filming for the music show. Now eat something, I will pick you up in thirty minutes." Jongsuk said as he walked out of the small dinner, ready to work on something else again.

Seungcheol sighed, grabbing his phone as he munched on his newly ordered food. It has been like this ever since one of his singles got so popular, broke several records and made him one of the biggest rappers to exist right now. Seungcheol wasn't only popular in South Korea, but also internationally. It surprised him to see that people who didn't even speak Korean listened to his songs. But nevertheless, he felt happy that they do. It gave him a feeling of satisfaction, signaling that his rap wasn't as bad as he thought it was at first. He only started to rap for fun and for himself; to express himself. Through his songs, he tried to connect to his audience.

When Seungcheol was done checking his messages, he put his phone on the table he was eating on. He didn't bother to reply to any of the messages right now. Most of his messages consisted of other rappers like him, asking him to promote their new mixtape or asking for a collaboration. They usually only asked him because they knew that Seungcheol had a large following, all using him for popularity. There were only a few people who talked to him because they saw his talent. It even made it hard for Seungcheol to find friends, so he usually stuck with his group of friends he had before all his popularity started. It surprised him when he found himself getting so close to Vernon.

"Why did you wake me up at this time and tell me to come here, Seokmin?" someone asked tiredly. Seungcheol's eyes darted to two people, one of them trailed behind the other towards his table. He looked like he was about to pass out, his eyes half closed as he continued to yawn.

"Because I haven't seen you in months. Aren't you happy to see me?" the brown haired boy replied, sitting down on the table next to Seungcheol's. The boys did not seem to have noticed the older.

"I am, but it's 6am! When are the others com-" The long haired boy tripped, falling on top of Seungcheol's table and then to the ground, dragging Seungcheol's phone with him. Then he stood up lazily, his face flushed red. Now he seemed to be fully awake. "I'm sorry." Jeonghan apologized, bowing down at the stranger.

Seungcheol chuckled, nodding his head. When he was about to pick up his phone, he noticed another phone besides his. It seemed to be the same model as his and probably belonged to the stranger who fell on his table just seconds before. He picked their phones up, handing the other male his phone. "It's alright." he replied, a small smile playing on his lips.

Before Jeonghan could say anything, the doors of the small breakfast place opened, revealing a tall man which happened to be Seungcheol's manager. "Seungcheol, we gotta go!" he called out to him. Seungcheol stood up, nodding at the two boys before exiting the restaurant.

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