Chapter 12

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(Gemini POV)

...Same Day Different Time....

I Layed On My Back On The Bed Thinking And Taking In The Sweet Smell Of Tay's Body Wash. By The Way Yes Her Smell Still Lingered. I Dont Know Why But I Loved The Smell. I Think Tay Is... No I Won't Say It....

I Got Up From The Bed And Headed Towards TD's Room To Ask Him A Very Important Question.

"Can I Ask You Something?" I Asked TD As I Stood In His Door Way.

"Does It Have Something To Do With...." He Started But I Cut Him Off.

"Your Bestfriend" I Said. "Yeah Her" I Added.

"Sit And Talk To Your Favorite Cousin" He Said.

"Whatever" I Said Sitting In his Rolling Chair.

"So Wassup" He Asked.

"I Got Tay As One Of The People To Give Gifts To And I Dont Know..." I Started But TD Cut Me Off.

"What To Get Her?" He Said Cutting Me Off.

"Yeah" I Said.

"I Have Her To" He Said.

"And What You Getting Tay?" I Asked Him.

"Snow Globes" He Said.

"Snow Globes?" I Repeated. I Understand Its Christmas But Who Likes Snow Globes.

"You Dont Know Nothing About Cheeks Huh?" He Asked Me.

"Honestly No" I Said.

"Well If You Must Know Cheeks Has A Thing For Snow Globes..." He Said.

"Really?" I Asked.

"Yeah She Has A Room Filled With Snow Globes Of All Sorts" He Said.

"Why Does She Like Snow Globes?" I Asked.

"Her Brother Used To Be In The Army And When Ever He Came Back He Brought Her Snow Globes And She Became In Love With Them And Collected Them After He Passed" He Said.

"Sooo" I Said. I Was Thinking Of Stealing His Idea.

"No You Can't Steal My Idea" He Said.

"Damn" I Said. "I Dont Know What To Get The Girl" I Said. I Dont Know What To Get The Girl Who Is Hard To Figure Out Plus I Dont Even Know Nothing Much About Her. I Wish We Didn't Have To Really Do This.

I Ain't Tryna Get Nothing Big Either.

"Observe Her... Talk To Her... You'll Find Out What Cheeks Like" He Told Me.

"Why Can't You Just Tell Me What She Likes?" I Asked Him.

"Cause You Need To Know Your Fake Girlfriend" He Said Cheesing.

"Whatever... I'll Find Something" I Said With My Finger On My Chin Thinking.

"Quick Question" He Said.

"What?" I Said.

"Do You In Anyway Feel Something For Cheeks ?" He Asked Me Causing Me To Widen My Eyes. Why Would He Ask That.

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