Chapter 3: The Order of the Phoenix

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I almost felt like puking when the horrible sensation stopped.


In short, apparating was worse than shadow travel... meaning I loved it. Except the end of course. Puking.

I was shaken from my thoughts by Dumbledore's voice. "Welcome Percy, to number twelve Grimmauld Place." Harry looked at me funnily.

"What?" I asked, annoyed. "Most people puke their first time apparating. You didn't." I shrugged. "So? You just said it yourself - most people."

"Whatever, Death Eater Boy." I heard Harry mutter softly. I chose to ignore it. After all, he's only fifteen.

Dumbledore leads us inside. Grim definitely was the perfect description of the place. Everything was varying from grey to black in colour.

The only visable lighter colour was green, and even it was dark. Grimmauld place was indeed grim.

I followed the wizards to what seemed like a kitchen where a red-haired woman instantly rushed at me. "Ah, you must be Percy." As she said my name she hugged me, and a red-haired girl and two red-haired boys appeared. All of them must be her kids.

She also bore a resemblance to Ron. She must also be his mom.

She gestured to the boys and the girl behind her. "This is my daughter, Ginny." I shook her hand and she blushed.

"... these two are Fred and George, my sons." She went on. "And you can call me Mrs. Weasley."

"Hello Percy..." "It is good..." "to meet you" "at last." The two brothers said. Oh, they must be twins. I wonder if they like pranking...

"So," Mrs. Weasley said. "Will you three (she pointed at Harry, Ron and Hermione) take him upstairs? He will be sleeping in your room." Oh goody!!!

So now I could be insulted in my sleep. Just great. But I don't complain. I'll be fine.
When we entered our room, I immediately sat down on my bed. I seriously needed rest.

"This is your bed." Hermione told Death Eater Boy, showing him the corner bunk next to the window. He nodded and walked over, to put his stuff on his bed.

I noticed Ron looking in Hermione's direction. She was staring at Death Eater Boy.

"Are you coming, Mione?" Ron asked loudly. Hermione looked at us, confused and mouthed 'Where?'  Death Eater Boy was looking up, his face asking the same question.

"Downstairs. Remember?" I said, hoping Hermione wouldn't say she doesn't remember.

She nodded and the three of us walked out. There was something they needed to know.

I saw something on one of the boxes Death Eater Boy put on his bed while Hermione was staring. It was labled Camp Half-Blood.

He was hiding something.

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