Chapter 40

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My eyes opened at the feeling of a hand touching my cheeck. I sighed when I saw it was just Tyler who had come in my room, I quickly sat up straight making room for him to sit next to me. Without saying anything he just sat down next to me and pushed me close to him making us half cuddle, I just let him, figurring he Needed it right now. We used to always do this, not talk just sit next to each other and cuddle. It had went so far that at one point I could almost place every muscle in his body, his scent had become so usual for me and the warm feeling of his skin wasn't special to me anymore. But now? After so long? Feeling his warm torso and smelling his trusting shampoo did me good. It was like seeing him for the first time in ages even though i've seen him every day.

"Alex." He whispered finally breaking the silence between us. "Yes?" "Can I tell you something?" "Off course." I mumbled in his neck as I left my head to rest there. "Have you ever known how scared i've been?" "I know you're scared Tyler, we all are." "Do you also know i've been having nightmares?" "No..? You never told me." "Ever since the whole thing with the alpha i've been dreaming about you getting killed." "Not yourself?" "Honestly Alex, without you there's not much of me left." "Off course there is!" "How would I ever be able to live without you!" "I won't ever leave you, i'll just won't be able to be seen." "Alex you know I believe in everything but ghost's of dead people!" "It doesn't matter anyway 'cause I won't die." I mumbled trying not crack my voice. "There's a whole demon army after you, you'll have to do more to convince me of that." "We are strong too!" "But what if!" "What if what?" "What if we aren't strong ENOUGH!" "I don't really feel like thinking about that." "But I do!" "Why?" I asked as I felt his heartbeat rise a little. "Because I want to be able to have told you everything and I want you to tell me everything!" "Why would you want to tell me everything?" "Alex you've been my best friend for as long as I can remember and right now there's very big possibility that i'll loose you!" I felt a warm tear fall on my forehead after it had escaped out of his eye. "Okay well, you know I love you, you know I love Ben and Devan, you know you've been my rock, you also know everything about my family. You know bassicly everything." "But there's something you're holding back, I feel it." Tyler said letting his voice crack. "I'm not holding something back." "You are, I know you are."

I had to really think about that because as far as i knew I REALLY wasn't holding anything back. That's when I realised I wasn't the one holding something back, Ben was!

"All I can think of is that I just want you to know that I want you and Ben to get along when..,if I ever loose my life." Tyler let out a deep Breath. "Well I guess it's my turn then." He said not reacting to my previous words. "I already know most things about you Ty, you don't HAVE to tell me everything if you don't wan too." "Oh trust me I want to." He took one more deep Breath before starting to talk again. "I haven't only been thinking about you dying, i've also been really concerned about Ben. Because he's a mundane, he doesn't heal you know." "I know." I mumbled in his neck hoping this would go down the path I was hoping it would. "I'm just Torn, I feel like I need to protect you and yet I feel like I have to protect him!" "Just do whatever feels right when there ever comes a time when you have to do that." "I tried to convince myself of that but every time I chose you in my dream Ben dies and it's the exact Same way the other way around. I've seen both of you die so many times i'm sometimes not even sure if it really was a dream!" "I honestly believe you should go to Arises for help with that." "Why?" "We've been talking about me going mad, about my mother going mad. Last thing I want is my best friend going mad!" "You might have a point there."

The next time I opened my eyes I was still laying in Tyler's arms. His face looked peacefull and happy as he just Silently layed there letting the sun fall on his strong jawline and cheeckbones. I honestly have wondered so many times how either of us would of have turned out without each other because to be fairly honest I wouldn't have been able to do this without him. I probably would still be sitting in my room crying my life away. Just like how I met Ben just because my jacket wouldn't fit in my locker, which is also something I haven't seen in ages. And I wasn't looking forward to seeing again. "Alex?" Devan's voice sounded on the other side of the door. "Yes..?" "Are you coming to breakfast in just a second?" "Yea i'll be there soon!" "Hmm what?" Tyler mumbled slowly opening his eyes. "Breakfast." I mumbled back as I stood up and Walked to the door. "You're going to go in your pyjama?" He asked raising his eyebrow. "Yea?" I looked down at my black shorts and white tank top. "Whatever you want." He shrugged as he stood up and Walked towards me. "If you don't mind i'll dress myself first." He said smiling before opening the door and walking out. I did the Same only I went straight to the big dinner room.

"Where's Tyler?" Ben asked as I sat down next to him. "He wanted to dress himself first." "Yea where the hell even was he, I couldn't find him in his room." "He was with me!" I said turning to Devan who'm gave me smirk. "Not like that." I whispered in Ben's ear just to be sure. "I know you wouldn't do that." He whispered back before grabbing a slice of Bread and lothing it with cheese.

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