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Pen Your Pride

Kat's P.O.V

I smiled as i felt the electric shocks get stronger the longer Dan held my hand in his for. I've gotten use to the feeling, it feels nice and it makes me feel safe.

Dan still hasnt told me where we were going. Everytime i asked he would say the same thing. Surprise. 

Eventually i stopped asking him and we just walked silently to where ever he was taking me. 

Every now and then Dan would play with my fingers, making me smile and laugh.

We had been walking to much, my feet had started to hurt. They felt numb. 

When i told Dan, he said he would carry me, but i refused everytime. I would feel bad if i made him carry me, even though it would feel nice to be in his arms.

After what felt like an hour or so, i reconised the surroundings. We were at the lake.

Dan swung our intwinned hands back and forth as we walked towards the water.

We walked towards a big roack, that was just at the edge of the water. 

Sitting down next to the rock, on the cold, slightly damp grass, Dan and i still had our hands intwinned and Dan was still playing with my fingers as i watched the water.

I could feel Dan's eyes on me as i watched the water. It wasnt in the weird way, but in a nice way that didnt make me feel uncomfortable.

The sun was getting lower and the sky got slightly darker, it made the water seem sparkly. The sky was a pinky orangy yellow colour and it was reflecting onto the water.

Dan stopped playing with my hands as i turned my head to him. I smiled at him, which he returned, before i leaned in and pressed my lips to his.

Without hesitation, Dan kissed back, pressing his lips harder against mine, deepening the kiss.

I moaned as i felt Dan let go of my hands and  cup the sides of my face with his hands.

I lifted my arms up and wrapped them around Dans neck, pulling myself up off the ground and onto his lap. My legs wrapped around his waist.

I heard Dan moan against my lips, which made me smile.

My face became hot as i felt the need to breathe again, so reductenly i pulled away. Smiling as Dan pouted.

We sat there staring into each others eyes, trying to catch our breathe.

My legs and arms loosened around his neck and waist, but i didnt let go of his completly.

My arms hung around his neck and my legs were stretched out behind his back.

"I love you" Dan said.

My breathe caught in my throat as i heard these words come out of his mouth.

"I love you to" I probably had the biggest smile on my face at the moment, making me look retarted, but i didnt care. 

Leaning in towards Dan i pressed my lips towards his once again. I felt him smile through the kiss which made me press harder against his lips, deepening the kiss once more. 

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