Chpater 9

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Sooner than Arielle wanted, the vampire and her were off once again. Arielle knew there'd be no more chances to escape and besides, the vampire had given Arielle her word that she wouldn't be a blood bag. What did she have to loose?

'My sanity,' Arielle thought humorously.

Selene took a right turn along a dirt road and they were surrounded by trees. Arielle briefly wondered if Selene knew where they were going because they kept driving and driving and driving. Never once did she turn back. Never once did the trees seem to weed out. If anything, they seemed to grow thicker and more sinister. Their bare branches gnarled together, bending to the point that Arielle feared they would snap off and crush the car in some kind of some freak accident.

And if that wasn't creepy enough, mist suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Rolling in deeps waves, swirling around the trees and car. Then Selene stopped the car. Arielle watched dumbly as the vampire crawled out of the driver's side. 'No you dummy!' Arielle thought. 'You don't get out of a perfectly running car to walk in the creepy fog.' Hasn't she seen at least one horror movie in her like 1000 years of being on earth?

Selene opened Arielle's door and shot her an irritated glare when Arielle refused to move. She didn't like this. She didn't like the way this fog was making her feel. Like a hopeless, lost little girl looking for her parents when they forgot her at a grocery store. Like she was in an unfamiliar place with no idea where it was or where she was suppose to go. That she was suppose to be running in the opposite direction.

"Is something wrong?" Selene drawled.

Arielle gulped but didn't answer. It was embarrassing and stupid to be so afraid of the fog. It was just some condensation for Pete's sake!

"Human," Arielle jumped as the vampire sharp voice pierced right through her thoughts, "what is the matter?"

Arielle flushed and scrabbled out of the car. Staring at the ground (she refused to meet the vampire's gold eyes), Arielle mumbled, "The fog. It gives me a creepy feeling. Like I shouldn't be going in there."

Selene hummed understandingly. "That's interesting."

Arielle's head snapped up. "What is?"

Selene stared past her and into the fog. "That mind control won't work on you but the fog will. I guess there is a limit to your unique gift. The Queen will be very fascinated to hear that."

Arielle look over her shoulder and stared warily at the white mist.

"Is that some kind of illusion? Is the fog even really there?"

"No, it's there. As a defensive mechanism, a very special kind of vampire in the Kingdom made the fog seem terrifying and endless to keep humans out...or in. It also works against any vampire that is not apart of the Kingdom."

"How?" Arielle asked, awed by this revelation.

Selene smirked. "Another gift from The Moon. Very rare, but sometimes there are vampires born with extra powers. The vampire that created this was an empath, among other talents."

Arielle gawked at the fog. All this crawly-tingling, hair raising feeling to flee was because of one vampire? That was amazing! Astonishing even! The dark vampire chuckled and gently lead Arielle into the fog, seeing at the human girl wasn't going to be making the first steps into the woods voluntarily.

They were immediately swallowed by the fog. At the same time, Arielle lost all sense of direction. She knew they had only taken a couple steps in, but she couldn't tell from which direction, so she couldn't bolt out of this creepy place. Arielle watched as Selene lead her through the fog. The mist rolled out from under her feet and glided past her skin, as if she was apart of it herself.


The loud screech seem to come out of nowhere and scared the wits out of Arielle. She jumped ten feet in the air and whipped around to see if she could find the owl. Foolishly, this action caused her to turn away from Selene. So now Arielle had no idea which way the vampire went.

A cold shiver slide down her spine. She spun around horrified. She was lost. Lost in this Godforsaken fog that she would probably never find her way out without a vampire. Arielle stopped when she heard a twig snap to her left (at least she thinks it was her left). Was that Selene? Arielle turned towards the noise and started to run towards it.

"Selene? Selene is that you?" She called out.

No one answered back. Now, this should have sent up red flags right away. It was the first rule in an horror movie. Never go towards a strange noise and never call out "Who's there?" But what was Arielle doing? Screaming for Selene and running straight into whatever sounds she heard first.

Arielle skidded to a halt when she heard a guttural, growling noise. First it was the sticks snapping and now growling? The sound got louder. Her eyes widened. If it was louder it was closer. Arielle quickly turned and bolted in a random direction. Lucky for her, the moment she started to run the thing lunged for her.

"SELENE?!" She yelled in terror.

Arielle wasn't sure what was chasing her. The noises coming from it was animalistic but it looked like a dude. A very dirty, bloody, crazy dude. And just Arielle's luck, she tripped right over a tree branch (in her defense it was a pretty think branch) next to a fallen tree.

Without hesitating, Arielle picked up the closet branch and whacked the guy across his face. The guy stumbled backwards just as she jumped back onto her feet. Again, the man growled and lunged for her. Arielle swung the branch back to hit him again when Selene appeared out of nowhere and kicked him square in the chest. The guy flew back a few feet with a sick thud as his head hit the ground.

Arielle turned towards Selene and started to hug her in relief (Arielle was a hugger if you'd believe it or not) but Selene walked right past her arms and continued straight. Arielle ignored the stinging feeling of rejected and followed the vampire. She did not want another repeat of what just happened.

"Was that a human?" She asked.

"Yes. The wander in here from time to time. Since they can never find a way out and most go insane or die from fear." Selene's tone was so casual Arielle found herself nodding along like she's heard of this before.

Again they walked and walked. The fog heightened Arielle's fight or flee sense and she either found herself tensing up to fight or (totally not on purpose) reaching to hold Selene's hand. The vampire would chuckle whenever Arielle jumped into her fighting stance and Selene never truly held Arielle's hand, but let her link their pinkie finger together. It was a win to Arielle either way.

Arielle's heart leaped for joy when she saw that the fog was clearing up. Now she could see a stone bridge with two lanterns on either side. She started to run towards the bridge. She never wanted to go through that damn fog ever again. Arielle practically threw herself onto the  ground and started to kiss the cold stone.

"Welcome to the Kingdom," Selene said in an amused voice.

Arielle looked up and gapped at the sight. Across the bridge was the most beautiful castle she's ever seen.

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