Heartstone (Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf)

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Beacon Hills, it doesn't look that bad to be honest. We moved here because my mom was transfered because of her work. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a hardware store clerk. Im a 16 year old girl, Im about 5'4'' hazel eyes and light brown hair. Oh and by the way my name is Ellie, Ellie Garner. 

We got to the house, a very nice small house, two floors, three rooms. My parent's room, the guest room and my room, of course I'd pick the one upstairs with the big window to see outside. I loved looking at the moon at night, for some reason it relaxed me. I took my boxes upstairs and I started opening some of them, putting the essentials in the bathroom, some clothes inside the closet too. I didn't unpack much because it was a little bit late already and the moving service is getting here in two days so I'd have to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag until then. My mom called out for dinner and I went downstairs, having the house empty wasn't really my favorite thing since it looks creepy as fuck. "Ellie do you want chicken?" my mom asked me, I nodded and took a glass to drink a little bit of soda. "Are you excited for tomorrow?" my dad asked as I rolled my eyes "I miss my friends dad" I said with a sad look "It's okay, you'll make new friends here" oh right, I didn't have much friends back home either to be honest, only two bestfriends with who I'll keep in touch for sure. "Yeah maybe" Im really bad at making new friends, it took me forever to make those two friends I mentioned back home. Why would it be any easier here? "Well thanks for the dinner" I said walking upstairs. I slipped inside the sleeping bag and closed my eyes, I made sure to put on earphones to listen to music because the empty house and no noise at all would keep me awake for sure.

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