I don't need magic to make you love me ~Jack Wilder~3

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A/N So in the movie, they're called the 'Four Horsemen'. I'm going to change it to 'Five Horsemen' just so it makes a little more sense. If you've seen the movie then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen the movie....well....go see it cause it's pretty awesome.

~Alyssa's POV~

It's been exactly one year since we all met.  One year since we discovered what was in the hotel. One year since the Five Horsemen was born. A lot has happened in one year.  We've been traveling the country doing gigs wherever we can. Our crowds started out small, but they've gradually gotten bigger.  The bigger the crowds, the more extreme our fans get.  It's quite entertaining really.  Danny and Jack get hit on a little more than Henley and myself are comfortable with, but that's ok, because Henley and I get proposed to at least four times every show. Merritt really just sticks to the free stuff that we get, especially the "complimentary wines" that we receive everywhere we go. Jack and I....well it's a little complicated....for me at least. We flirt nonstop, but we were told to keep things professional, so dating is out of the picture. It's hard though. Over this past year my feelings for him have been growing nonstop and I know he feels the same way. But due to our boss, Arthur, we can't date or do anything about it.

I can honestly say I love being in the Five Horsemen.  Each of us has our own separate job in the group. Merritt is the mentalist.  Dylan acts as the leader, but he's also the illusionist. Jack is more of a master of tricks, he's able to play with fire and random objects, but his best tricks are done with his cards. Henley is also an illusionist, which is why she was Dylan's assistant for so long. During shows, they'll do many tricks together just because they're so good when they're together. As for me, I'm more of the brains and creative processor of the group. I'm able to hack into any computer system no matter how strong the security is, which comes in handy sometimes, and I'm the one that's behind the stage making sure everything goes according to my plan.  I'm not at the point yet where I can go do my own thing on stage, but I am getting better.  Merritt is teaching me all about mentalism and how to get into someone's head. Danny and Henley are both teaching me how to create illusions. And Jack is teaching me how to master a deck of cards, which doesn't really help to the whole "we can't date" deal. Basically, I think of the ideas that happen on stage, I'm just not fully able to do them hands on yet.

"Alright now, how can you tell if you have someone in the palm of your hand?" Merritt asked me. He's currently teaching me more rules on how to be a mentalist.

"You watch the eyes." I answered confidently.

"What about the eyes?"

"The more correct you are is the more interested they will be which will cause their pupils to get bigger."


"In your words, you want their eyes popping out of their head." I said quoting him.

"Who's my little protégé?" He asked ruffling my hair.

Over time Merritt became kind of like my semi-drunk awesome uncle. He was also like my living breathing diary. He knew all about my feelings for Jack, and he thought the "no dating" rule was stupid.

"Meee." I said with a grin that would put the Cheshire cat to shame...but in a cute way. I'm not creepy.

"Hey, what's going on?" Came a voice from behind us.

We both turned around to see Jack coming in from the other room.

"Hey Jack" I said with a small blush starting. "Merritt here was just getting me further with my mentalist abilities."

"Would you be able to use them on me?" He asked raising an eyebrow with a small smirk.

"Well I totally would, but there are two problems with that." I said getting up from my sitting position on the floor. "One, I'm still on the basics, and two, I already know everything about you." I told him with a small smirk planted on my face.

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