Chapter 22

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Stealing Hearts 7/17/13

Chapter 22 (There’s mice in my attic and it’s really creepy, specially at night)

Allison’s POV

Who the hell is tough my arm? They need to stop freaking rubbing my arm- HOLY SHIT! Someone just poked me with something really pointy! I think it was a needle. Are they trying to fucking drug me? Oh hell no.  I pry my eyes open, mentally groaning at the bright light. This room looks very different from that horrible white painful room. This room had a bed, which I am lying, furniture, a random person, lamps, food- Why is there a random person sitting in a chair asleep. I roll my head over finally looking at the nurse. She hasn’t notice I awoke yet. She stuck an IV into my hand, making me yelp in pain. She looks up startled, with wide eyes. One hand clutches her heart, after me scaring her half to death.

“I’ll g-go inform the doctor y-your awake.” She trembles walking out the room. A small half eaten food tray was placed beside me. Grapes, sandwiches, and chips covered the tray. The girl in the chair must’ve eaten it. I didn’t recognize the girl at all. She had dirty blond hair, beach wavy style. She was extremely skinny with some bruises lingering on her body. She wore sweats that hung of her body because she was so tiny. She was curled into a ball in the chair. She becomes restless finally stretching her arms above her head. She pulls her legs out from underneath her, standing up. She twists her upper body, finally looking over at me. She jumps back as she catching me looking at her.

“Your up!” She says happily. She had a nice bruise under her jaw. She had some concealer hiding most of it, but I could still notice it. The girl had big brown eyes that sparkled even in the hospital lighting. She wore extreme fuzzy socks on her feet. They were a soft blue with navy blue at the tips and heel.

“Where did you get your socks at?” I ask letting the question slip out of my mouth. The girl, clearly not expecting the question, starts laughing. For such a small girl, she had a very filled laugh. It wasn’t empty and almost sad sounding. It was filled with freedom and happiness.

“I thought you’d be asking who I am, but I got the socks from down stairs-“

“Can you get me some?” I plead using my puppy dogface. She laughs skipping to the door. As soon as her socks hit the floor, she slips falling on her bottom. She looks shocked, but it wasn’t long before we both burst out laughing. My sides decide to burn, making me clutch them in pain, but it was too funny not to laugh. She gets up slowly making sure not to fall on her ass any more. She walks out and down the hallway to the elevator. I lay in my bed think about how I got here. A doctor walks through the door followed by the nurse I scared.

“Hello Miss Allison, how are you feeling?” He asks peering over the edge of his glasses. He had grey hair showing through his brown hair. He wasn’t the skinniest guy alive, carried a little weight with him.

“How the hell do you expect me to feel? I feel like shit dumbass.” He stands there baffled at my statement. The nurse just stands behind him, slightly afraid to come out.

“Well then. You know have three broken ribs instead of one and a hell of a lot more bruises. You still have a sprained wrist, along with a black eye. You don’t need to be yelling with your voice or anything. It’s still a little raw from, urm, your screams. Anything else you would like to know?” He says very professional like. I shake my head no, letting him and the nurse walk out. I make faces at him as he walks out the door. The girl comes back throwing the socks at my face. I give her a mock glare giving her a glance towards my feet. She walks over taking the socks from me, putting them on my feet.

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