Although it was a bit chilly; it was still a lovely Saturday night. Everyone was out - couples held hands, children laughed with their parents, music flowed though the air and I found happiness in the nightlife around me.

I took my time in walking down the busy streets, occasionally stopping to admire the designer brand clothes on display, and remembering memories as I passed places which each had their own story to tell.

Something I hadn’t noted was that the entire time, I had a blissful smile on my face as I played with the heart-shaped diamond hanging on my necklace.

I pressed the button to cross the road and as I waited patiently, I noticed something glisten in the corner of my eye; I looked to my right and saw an object behind the display glass of a costume shop. Forgetting all about the traffic lights that have turned green and the cars waiting for me to cross, I walked towards the closed shop and brushed my fingertips against the glass.

Masquerade Masks, exactly like the ones Reece and the others wore the night they broke into the school.

“Chloe?” I jumped a little when my name was called; I was just too much in thought. I turned around and couldn’t help but have a massive smile plastered on my face as I saw Jake and Jayden waving at me.

“Hey! How are you guys?”

“Good.” they both replied in sync.

“Okay, is this like a twin thing? Do you two always talk in sync?” I laughed.

“Not always.” they replied together.

I just gave them a blank stare.

“So, what are you doing here?” Jayden asked me. Although the twins look extremely alike – well, of course they do; they’re twins - I could tell the difference between them. Jake has a scar right above his eyebrow - definitely a ‘best feature’.

“Walking home, seeing as my ride has a date.” I muttered sadly, I felt way too much like a loner. Well, maybe because I am…

“Wanna hang out with us?”

I looked up at them in surprise; both guys were looking at me with their eyebrows raised…obviously waiting for an answer

“Oh, I couldn’t…” I replied with a sheepish smile, as much as I was dying to socially interact with homosapiens; I couldn’t just intrude.

“Oh, C’mon...” Jake nudged me and wiggled his eyebrows, “You know you want to...”


“We’re just gonna chill at Cyrus, as you can see…” Jayden held up two take-away plastic bags filled with calorie-packed burgers making my mouth water, “We’ve got dinner for the boys, they’re probably impatient by now but whatever; they can wait.” he shrugged, “So, what do you say?”

Jake casually slung his arm around my neck, “Of course she says yes bro - she wants to join the dark side...” he said in a dramatically dark voice.

I laughed, “The dark side? How can I refuse?!” I asked theatrically.

As the three of us walked further down the road, I couldn’t help but be interested in the twins’ conversations. They were so different!
Basically; Jake’s the wild, dirty-minded one and Jayden’s the calm, sensible one.

“What’s Cyrus?” I finally asked.

“It’s where we hang, chill, head off to when we wag classes and train.”


“Well, not us, Reece does.”

I was still perplexed, “I’m not following you.”

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