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LEXI'S FATE is undergoing editing. In-line comments will be affected.

Greetings Wattpad lovers and fellow Greek god groupies. This sequel was made possible by the persistent and enthusiastic requests of readers to continue the tale of Lexi and Hades. I hope the story you are about to read tackles those lingering questions left on your tongues at the end of Lexi's Undoing. As with the first book, I took creative license to craft a world that is not tightly bound to the myths we grew up with. 

I encourage everyone reading to point out any errors you find in my work, whether technical, character inconsistencies, or plot-centered, and leave these comments on the last chapter where I am more likely to see them. Whether you realize it or not, you are all collaborators in this experience. 

We are the music makers...and we are the dreamers of dreams. - Willy Wonka

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