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Samaar's POV

Two days before our finals and our teacher makes us do a lab... wow! He said it wasn't going to count for marks or anything. It was just for a good understanding. I came in five minutes early as usual. The teacher was never there but the door was always open. I took out a novel and started reading it. It was a nice novel about a fake princess. It's weird how I came to love historical love stories and revenge books. I love fights and all but I also love reading love stories. Not seconds later, a couple comes into the dark room I've settled into. Our teacher loved the lights off for some reason. They started making out... really people? Really? I didn't get up but I did slam my books on the table and sent a glare through the dark. The guy which happened to be atleast the same height as me looked my way. Well if I hadn't stopped them I'd be sinned for watching something R-rated later on. The guy saw me, and turned on the lights. Both of them were out of breath.... DISGUSTING.  I couldn't recognize them at all. It's a fact that they were from our school. He started walking to me and sat down on the desk in front of me... which was Sheath's desk. 

"What do we have here?" The guy sang out loud, "A peeping tom?"  He asked.

I didn't like where this was going. Oh Allah, did I do something wrong to have people insult me like this.... so early in the morning?? 

"Me? A peeping tom?" I asked, almost laughing."I'm not the one staying quiet while you guys are trying to make babies in that corner..." i said in a low voice.

"Well excuse us. We didn't know there was a morning class in this room.," The girl came up from behind her boyfriend. She was nice and everything, but was her man just as nice? Nope! Not even close.

"You stay out of it!" He said to his girlfriend. What the? Is that how you treat the girl you love? I stood up and so did he. We were at eye level and the girl was even shorter. 

"Jason, leave it! You'll get suspended again for doing something stupid like this," The girl said to her boyfriend. 

"What the f*** is your problem?" He asked, grabbing onto my shoulders. Wait.... What?

Two seconds later someone punched the guy in the stomach and asked, "No. What the f*** is your problem?" It was Sheath... which was weird. He always came exactly when the bell rang. "Aren't you ashamed to call yourself a human being if you pick on the weak? Especially girls at that," Jason, as he was called was holding onto his stomach for dear life. The room was still dark, and thats when Sheath grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room and made me run after him until we got to the closest exit doors. After leaving the classroom Conner saw me, and made a confused face. When we stopped running, he turned to me. "Are you sane or something? Why do you always end up picking fights you can't fight??"

Always? The only time I did pick fights was right now and... last semester. Wait how does he know about that? I looked down, and started mummbling, "He started it,"

"Samaar, it doesn't matter who started it. Don't get involved at all. Even if you have to run away in the end..." He paused, then looked back and said, "We can't go back to class. What if the guy's still there?" I looked back and saw Yusra appear in the corner of my eyes. 

"Aww! You two love birds planning to skip?" She asked, teasing Sheath. Woah woah woah! I told her not to use that phrase! I tried so hard to stop from blushing but I guess it didn't work. Sheath, on the other hand, just gave a dull look.

"Is that the only option we have left?" He asked himself. 

"Anyways, Samaar, where's my pencil case?" Yusra asked, not caring about our situation. She was my best friend... therefore I knew she would attack me with her questions at lunch.

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