Chapter 10: The Cex Sea

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The cabins on the ship were very luxurious, she appreciated how the queen took everything into consideration. Meathil looked around and saw that they were already on the waters. She left her room and ran up to the deck, her feet pounding against the wooden floors. There it was, the Cex Sea, just like her mother had told stories of. The wind brushed through her hair and she could smell the fresh air. Water surrounded them, no one could get to them there. She felt calm as she looked out at the waves as her mother did. She didn't know if she would ever see her mother any time soon, but if she did she would definitely share this moment. She looked over to see Bellinil sailing the ship with her magic, the waves were smooth and the ship hadn't rocked at all yet. She heard someone walk up behind her.

"The waves are beautiful aren't they? My father used to sail with my mother, she was a Sailor. I was able to go on a few ship rides with them, but over all I have not a lot of experience with ships." A boys voice is what she heard, she looked over her shoulder to find Rivornor standing behind her, a little bit to close. She didn't know kid's could go with their parent's on their job'. For as long as she remembered her mother had forbade her to go with her and her father on any jobs. Her mother explained they were too dangerous, yet she let Camaeneth go on them. Although her sister is three years older than her, it still hardly seemed fair. She placed her attention back on the boy who stood behind her.

"Yes, I've never been on a ship before. This feeling of calmness and peace, does it last for very long?" She asked and looked at the boy who had moved to her right side, also peering over the railing at the water.

"Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. You can never really tell, especially when you are in the Cex Sea, there is almost never peace in these waters."

"It looks peaceful," she commented, her brain was telling her to lean over more, but her gut said it was  a bad idea.

"Only because you don't see what's underneath the surface, captain." She looked at him, at his face. It was dead serious, there was no joke about what he said. What could be lurking under the water? And what would it do once it's come above the waves?

"Rivornor, I meant to ask you, what is my sister like?"

"I beg your pardon?" It made her laugh how much of a gentlemen he was, he talked properly. Unlike her at times.

"What is she like? When she's training her bracket, I haven't gotten to talk to her for over five years. Not just little small talk, but to have a real conversation with her. So I am wondering, what is she like?" He stared at her, but  she knew he understood what she meant.

"She is merciless, when training. When she it talking to us she doesn't loosen up either, she is very strict. But when one of use does get hurt, or is in some type of problem whether it be mental or physical, she is kind." It made her happy, to hear that her sister was more than just a trainer. She smiled and went back to looking at the sea. It was so quiet and peaceful. "I know she means well, or else why would she take me in. I am the brother of her first informant, and I didn't have anyone to serve. My brother was already serving Camaeneth, and so he had left home a while before I was eligible. When I was eligible to become an informant, I wanted to go with my brother. Once I learned that Captain's usually had one to zero I gave up. That's when Camaeneth allowed me to join her bracket. I have been with her since I was fourteen."

"I'm glad she has become a decent person, when we were kids, she would always beat me in any type of contest. We would have practice battles and she would always win." Remembering those days, when it was just her and Camaeneth, there were somethings she loved about it. There was silence, she listened to the waves, the beautiful waves. The birds above their head's squawked, the waves rippled, and the air flowed around them. The sea was wonderful, she enjoyed the little moment's, just as her mom had. She closed her eyes and breathed in the sweet sent of sea water. She could have fallen asleep right there and then, if it wasn't for the noise coming from the water. It was a rumbling, a low rumbling, as if something was stirring underneath the waves. She opened her eyes to see the waves were no longer peaceful, they were getting bigger by the second. She swirled her head back to look at Bellinil, she had a worried look on her face. If a sailor had a look like that on their face, something was wrong.

"Everyone on deck! Now!" Bellinil yelled down to the cabins. Immediately her whole bracket came out of the bottom deck crowding onto the top one. The sailor then used her magic to increase the ships speed, something was wrong. She knew something was wrong. "Get your weapons ready!"

"Why!" Thennil asked already getting her shield off of her back. She looked ready just like the others.

"Because, Zondus is coming. He's going to put up a fight so you better know how to defend." At that moment they heard a low but loud roar coming from the sea bellow them. The roar was huge and it made her body vibrate. She was shaking, out of fear, she had never been scared. But, this time she genuinely was. She got her weapons ready, and backed away from the rail. Just in time too, a scaly tail of a creature came above the water creating a large wave as it crashed back into the seas. The waves became so large they would cover the ship if they crashed into one.

"What's Zondus?!" Pengeth asked looking frightened. The creature in the waters stirred, they saw bits and pieces of it as it's body came above the water every once and a while.

"He's known as, the king of the Cex Sea."

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