Liam payne-dirty

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Liam Smut-Baking

"Hey (Y/N), I'm home!" Liam called through the house.

I heard the close and the sound of keys being put down.

"In the kitchen babe!" I called back.

I had a baking day and had made triple chocolate fudge cake, rock cakes, brownies, cup cakes and some sausage rolls.

"Mmm smells good in here babe." Liam said as he hugged me from behind.

"Yeah, been baking all day." I said feeding him a bit of un-cooked batter.

"Taste lovely baby" he said while planted wet kisses of my neck. I took this moment to think of how lucky I was.

I turned around in his hold so Liam's arms were around me. We made out for a few minutes in till he told me to jump and I did. Liam carried me up the stairs and into our bedroom where he gently placed me on the bed. He went to close the door even though it was just us in the house. On his way back he undressed himself and I marveled and his toned arms, legs and six pack. He was in only his boxers as he lied on top of me and started to kiss me back.

This time I wanted to be the dominant one so I flipped us over. I smashed my lips onto Liam wanted something more rough and lustful not as caring as we always did. He got the idea and returned the passion. I smiled into the kiss and he smiled back letting his hands roam my body and remove my sweats with one swift movement.

Liam squeezed my butt making me moan into the kiss. I started to grind on him making him moan and I could feel his hard on through his boxers. I removed my lips from his do he could take off my top and bra. That left us both in our underwear. Not for long though Liam removed my pants and I removed his boxers too.

"Ride me baby, please!" Liam whined as I slowly rubbed his tip with my hand making him wither under me.

"Beg." I instructed cupping one of his balls and squeezing it before moving on to the other one.

"Fucking hell baby, ride me please! I want to see you fuck me soo good, please, baby please!" Louis moaned as I jerked him off faster.

I couldn't say no to Liam he looked like a lost 5 year old. I stopped jerking and he whined at the loss of contact. I placed my hands on liams chest and hovered my entrance over Liams now throbbing dick. I made me more turned on that I was resting my entire weight on his chest yet he did even complain. I lowered myself slowly onto his cock moaning as I went down inch by inch.

"Shit, cupcake your so tight, feels so good." He moaned.

I started bobbing up and down slowly but picked up my pace. After ten minutes of this I was beginning to get tired but it was a good thing as I felt Liam twitch inside of and before I know it he was coming and he was coming hard, shouting profanities and my name, i could feel his cum dripping out of me. Liam could tell I was tired so gripped on my hips hard enough that i know there would be bruises in the morning. He guided my up and down on his dick and I was moaning his name.

"Oh my god, faster baby please." I whined wanting more and Liam gave it to me.

He started thrusting upwards meeting me as he was pushing me down and soon enough he found that spot that made me weak at the knees.

"Shit baby I'm gonna cum" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I came.

I flopped down onto his chest and murmured in his ear "Maybe I should bake more often?"

"Definitely." He agreed out of breath.

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