L One Shot "Love at first sight." For suzumeofanime

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                                                                 Oc Info:

Character name: Rosemary Sage

Age: 24

Alisa & Agent Name: Agent Rosie Noble

Personality: Has many of depending on the situation

Looks: Rosie is a pale twenty-four year old that is 5’8 tall with an hourglass/ elegant build. Her eyes are dark brown nearly the color of black. She has straight waist long obsidian hair.

Pesonality: Varys depending on 'sitchy-ashon' (Cookies to anyone who knows what movie that line is from! XD)


                                                                      Character Info:

Name of guy: L *spoiler don't read the last name if you don't know L's full name!* Lawliet


                                                                        Extra Info:

She just broke up with her boyfriend that works in NASA. She has a Death Note but has never used it.



I sat on the couch eyes glued to the screen my and L were watching Light through the cameras. The rest of the task force (minus Light's dad.) had fallen asleep. I watched as Light took out another one of those almost nude girl magazines(sp?) i turned away and frowned in disgust. L seemed to notice this "Whats the matter Rosie-chan?" tilting his head to the side adorably. I blushed never once had he added -chan to my name it was always R or Rosie-san never -chan. 'Maybe just maybe he likes me too? *sigh* He probably(sp?) dosn't though he dosn't like any one except for Watari.'

"Rosie-chan?" I snapped out of my trance and turned to L. "Oh! Sorry L nothing is wrong. I just don't like watching Light look at those perverted magazines(sp?) it makes me feal uncomfortable." I said staring in disgust at the screens why would anyone one read those type of things! "Boy are strange with there strange behavior and hormones." He stated while nibbling on his thumb. "You realise your putting your own kind down right?" I asked. "Hmmm... Didn't notice." Turning his gaze back to the screen only to find Light doing homework and eating potato chips. His was writing really weirdly 'Strange kid.' (Ha! I love that scene!!)

I looked to L he was mummbling about how Kira killed. A wave of guilt struck me 'I really should tell him but what if he then suspects i'm Kira!!! OK clam down Rosie if i explain iv'e never use it i'm sure he will understand.'  I gulped and murmured out "L." He looked to me his beautiful black eyes tore into mine. "Yes Rosie-chan?" He asked quizzically. "I-i know how Kira kills." I stuttered. L's eyes widened he leaned forward. "How!" He half-shouted half- asked. "Its called a Death Note when you write a humans name in the the note book they die. If you don't specify the death they simply die of a heart attack. And all have to have is the persons name and face in mind and they die." I explained.

"That explains how Kira kills without a name and face and how all the criminals died of hearts at same time. If by any chance can you manipulate how or what they do before the person dies?" "Yes and you can control what time they do." He nodded slowly. "Thank you Rosie-chan but why didn't you tell me sooner." I sighed "Because i was afraid you would suspect me as Kira." "Well the percent of you being Kira is 1% only because you know so much. Speaking of witch how do you know so much." He asked/explained. "I found a Death Note a while back have never used it." He nodded. "Well you are now clear of suspicion then." I just nodded.

                                                                ***A few hours later***

I brought L his tea as i sat down our eyes locked. 'Its now or never.' I leaned in and brought my lips to his. His eyes filled with shock. I swiftly pulled away tears pricked my eyes. "I'm sorry L i-" I was cut of my passion filled kiss. I pulled away for breath. "But L why?" "Because i love you ever sine i saw you. I suppose you could call it love at first sight." I smiled. "I love you too." He pulled me into a another kiss. It was love at first sight alright.


Authors Note: Hi it's Tiffani here this L One Shot was for suzumeofanime! Whats funny is i'm wearing a L shirt while writing this. So i hope you liked i suzumeo-san! Remember everyone request please!! Bye now!

------- CodeRed/Tiffani

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