Author's Note

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Hi guys! So this concept may be a bit confusing for the people who have never played Lifeline before, but here's the backstory.

Lifeline is a game series on the App Store that cost a bit of money, but I got the first app when it was the Free App of the Week. This book is based off the first game. There are no visuals in this game, only text, so it's like you're texting the character.

Lifeline starts out with an astronaut (we don't know whether it's a boy or a girl, I interpreted it as a boy) whose ship, the Varia, crashes on a unknown moon, leaving all of his crew mates, except for him, dead. He manages to send a communication to you, and you help him through decisions that could kill him or keep him alive long enough for another ship, the White Star, to rescue him. Obstacles that you and Taylor have to face include hunger, thirst, injuries, and aliens looking for a host body, aka Taylor. Weird, I know.

This story takes place 3 years after Taylor is rescued by the White Star, and also reveals who intercepted the distress signal sent by Taylor back in space. This is my idea, and others might have other takes on the situation, which are totally accepted, but please don't hate on it. The game was specifically created for theories and ideas.

Hope you guys like it!

-Ani 💕

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