Chapter 1

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3 years later

"Anna! ANNAAAAAA! Get your stinking butt over here!!!"

Anna Rivers removed her headphones and scowled at her enthusiastic friend/roommate Dena Crawford, who was perched in front of the television in their room. "Gosh, I'm trying to get my homework done, Dena. Why are you yelling?"

"They're broadcasting the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Varia Space Organization!" Dena squealed. Being an astrophysics major, Dena was really excited about things like space organizations. (Not that you couldn't tell.)

"Really?" Anna plopped on the floor by her screeching friend and watched the screen intently as the President spoke on the screen. "And now, presenting the head of the Varia Space Organization, or the VSO, Taylor Nielsen."

A tall man in a suit walked up to the podium and cleared his throat. He looked about 22 years old, like he just finished college.

"Oh my gosh." Dena's eyes grew wide. "It's the Taylor Nielsen."

"Huh?" Anna pretended not to hear.

"Seriously, Anna? Taylor Nielsen. The guy who was lost on that moon 3 years ago. You know that they're still trying to find the person who received his distress signal, right?"

"Really?" Anna looked up at the screen as Taylor Nielsen gave his little speech and together with the President, cut the ribbon to the large building. As the crowd boomed with applause, Taylor looked at the crowd and beamed, showing off perfectly straight teeth.

"Gosh, he's a looker," Dena sighed. "He could be a model. Look at that thick brown hair, the eyes, and how tall he is... I bet he has absss..."

"Dena, you have a boyfriend," Anna chuckled as her friend stared dreamily at the screen. "By the way, it's restaurant night, where do you want to go?"

"Ugly Mug Cafe, of course! Mind if I take a shower first?" Dena hoisted herself up and grabbed her towel from a pile of folded clothes.

"No problem." Anna smiled.

"Thanks." As Dena closed the bathroom door and the shower turned on, Anna looked at the screen, her eyes focused on the founder of the Varia Space Organization.

She got up from the floor and sat at her computer, and for a bit, opened up files and documents. After a while, she finally found what she was looking for, deep in her archived files, on a small astro transmission application.

Time received: 3 years ago

{incoming communication}

{establishing connection}

{receiving message}


Is this thing working?

Can anyone read me?

I read you.

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