Lottie Anne Bisup -A Little Sister Punishment Story-

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I never understood football. I never knew anything about it expect my older brother Darry watches it every Sunday. So when Hottie Scottie asked me for a date this Thursday, I was shoked. "So you wanna go? We could hang out afterwards." He flashed his bright smile. How could I say no? I mean, for real.                            "Sure." I said not thinking. All I thought about is that this Thursday (today), Hottie Scottie is mine, all mine. 

"So Lottie, where are you and Scottie going?" My older brother Dot asks me. "I told you, a football game." He smirked.  "Just a football game?" I nodded halfly, "Ye-yeah. Pick us up at eight thirdy and I'll be by the green pole. Promice." "Good. If I get there and your not there with a good explainacon, your in trouble." I stood up and fixed my dress. "I know. I know." "Not only will you have to explain to me where you where, your gonna have to explain to your friends why your sqerming while your sitting."                                           I flushed my cheeks. "I'm fourteen, Dottie." I said, putting my mascara on again. He walked to me. "I know, I know. Just letting you know." "Whatever." I smacked my lip-glossed lips. "Ready."

"So how do you like the game so far, Lottie?" I glance at Scottie and half-smile. "Um, its good." He smirked. "You don't know half the stuff thats going on, do you?" "No." He laughed. "Hey, that a'right." He looked around a second. "Wanna go in the woods? I have an amazing hide out." I smiled. "Sure!" Scottie grabbed my wrist and we went into the woods. He sat on a stump and offented me on his lap. I accepted, and sat down. His knees where warm. I felt kind of numbed becouse when I was younger, I used to sit on Dottie's lap like this. Now the only time I ever sit on his lap is after a spanking or something. Witch is very rare.

Scottie looked at me as he wrapped his strong arms around me. He leaned in and kissed me. His bubble gum flavered mouth wash filled my mouth. I returned the kiss a little rough. "Here Lottie, legt me teach you." He smirked and began pulling my dress of my shoulders. He started making out with me. Suddenly he put his hand in my panties. I jerked. "Scottie, I don't wanna go that far. We are in the woods." He smirked. " I getcha. We can go to my house. C'mon." He picked me up. What was I gonna do? I mean, I like Scotty, he is a hottie! But I don't wanna have sex yet! I mean, Dottie covers my eyes still when a make out scean comes on in a movie!

"Scottie you don't understand-" "Lottie!" I heard someone growl. Dottie. "Lottie Anne Bisup! What do you think you're doing?" Dottie came storming to me and Scottie. I look at Scottie. "What are you gonna do?" I ask him scaredly. "He is your brother!" He screamed. He dropped me then hugged me once more. "I'll call you." He said. He ran away smirking.

"Lottie! You are in so much trouble young lady!" Dottie yelled grabbing my wrists. I was so scared. I remembered what Dottie had said earlier about how if I wasn't at the pole, he'd spank me. But I wonder my my punishment will be for basicly having sex!

The only noice in the car was of Dottie's yells. I was numb. I just looked at the floorbored. "In your bedroom nose in the corner Lottie Anne." Dottie said sternly. I sighed and did as I was told. I stood in the corner and waited for Dottie.

After a few moments, Dottie came in the room and sat down on my bed holding a hairbrush. I got scared when he told me to get over there. I went slowly. "Lottie, your are in so much trouble! I can not beleive you went behind my back and was going to have sex!" "Dottie I--" I started to but in. "I don't wanna hear it Lottie." I stood quiet. "Your getting 35 with the hairbrush. Undertsood?" I just stared at mny fingers. Dottie smacked my butt, "Understannd?" I nodded slightly.

Dottie pulled me over his knees and pulled down my panties and lifted my dress. He started spanking me. "Ouch! It-it hurts! I'm sorry Dottie!" Dottie kept going and going, going harder. I couldn't see but I was so sure my once white bottom was a cherry red. My butt was stinking. I screamed and sobbed hard. "Dottie! Pl-please! I'm sorry! I'v-I've learned my lesson! I've learned my lessssonnnnn!!!!!" 

-Dottie's POV-                                                                                                                                                             I heard my little sister sobs as I spanked her with the paddled hairbrush. I hated spanking her, but I had to. She needs to learn her lesson. I couldn't belevive she was going to have sex. I was angry.

-Back to Lottie's POV-

"Only ten more Lottie." I heard Dottie say. It wasn't real clear becouse I was sobbing hard. After he finished I was sobbing so hard. I had shortness of breath. I heard him throw the brush on the other side of the bed. He lifted my panties up and I yelp at the sight of the fabric burning my bottom. He pulled down my dress and stood me up. He cuddled me and I sobbed in his now wet shirt.

"Lottie, do not EVER sneek away to try and have sex, understand?" I nooded fast. "Ye-yes si-sir!" I sobbed harder. Dottie rubbed my back and smoothed me until I claimed down.

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