Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

A/N: The nickname Voldyshorts: I got it from "Hoping For A Better Future: Book One (Watty Awards 2011)" by SerenaSnape

Once Ron, Mione, Harry, and I had more evidence against Snape, we decided to go down the trapdoor. So after dinner, we waited until we were the last ones in the common room before we left and snuck to the third floor and went into the locked room where Fluffy was sleeping. We moved Fluffy's paw with great effort and opened the trap door. Harry started telling us that if anything went wrong we had to get out. I rolled my eyes. There is no way that I'm going to abandon my baby brother after being reunited with him for the first time in twelve years. I was going to tell him this when we heard growling from above. We all froze on the spot and slowly looked up. The four of us screamed and we jumped landing in something that resembled Devil's Snare. When it started to wrap itself around us, I felt my eyes go wide. "Mione, this is Devil's Snare." She gasped. I grabbed my wand and together Mione and I said, "Incindio!" The Devil's Snare gave a shriek and we were all falling and landed on the hard floor. "Professor Sprout sure pulled out all the stops on this one." I muttered rubbing my aching bottom. "Well, let's get going shall we?" I asked grinning. They rolled their eyes and we continued until we walked into a room filled with flying keys. Ron went over to the other door and muttered, "Locked."

"It looks like we'll have to fly to get the key." Harry said pointing to the four brooms that were just hovering above the ground.

"Um, I'll go and wait at the door." Mione said.

"Oh that's right. You don't like flying do you Mione?" I said when Harry and Ron looked at her questioningly. She nodded. The boys shrugged. She went to the door as we mounted the brooms and took off after the big fancy key with its wing broken. Ron and I cornered it from the sides and it went up; right into Harry's hand. Ron and I grinned and high fived each other and the three of us touched down on the ground and left the brooms leaning against the wall. We went over to Hermione who took the key and opened the door. When we walked in, we gasped at what we saw. There was an oversized Wizard Chess Board with oversized chess pieces. I'm not joking; two giants could sit there and play it without a worry in the world. There were torches on the sides of the walls that lit up the room and it looked like a Wizard's Chess graveyard if you ask me and it was slightly creepy with the room all dim and stuff. "Uh, guys, you don't think we'd have to really play Wizard's Chess do you?" I asked still eyeing the broken chess pieces.

"Well, there's only one way to find out." Harry said and then he crossed the board and the pawns blocked his path.

"I guess that's a yes." I muttered not liking where this is going.

"You don't suppose this is like real Wizard's Chess do you?" Mione asked slowly as we all got into position on the board.

"You there, move to E5." Ron said pointing to a pawn and it did as he said. A white pawn moved by it and destroyed our guy. "Yes, Hermione, it's exactly like Wizard's Chess." As he said this, chills ran up and down my arms. This is not going to be easy. It's a good thing Ron is the best in his year at Wizard's Chess. We'll at least have a chance to beat it. In the end, we won but Ron got hurt. Mione and I ran over to him. We had cuts all over us from the debris of the demolished chess pieces.

"Mione, go with Harry. I know he'll need you. Knowing Snape, I bet he put some kind of defense that has to do with potions and from what I've heard you're the best in your year." She nodded and went over to Harry.

"Lizzie, write Dumbledore a letter and explain everything and then get Ron and yourself out of here." Harry said. I nodded. "And Hermione when we get pass Snape's defense go back with them." She hesitantly nodded and they left. I took Ron's head and put it in my lap and started to stroke his bright red hair softly. I tried to be cheery, I did, but it's impossible when your brother and friend are risking their life and the one you care deeply about is out unconscious. I shook my head. Right, a letter... How the bloody hell am I suppose to send a letter if I can't find any parchment, ink, or even a quill!? Just as I was about to give up hope, Fawkes showed up.

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