Chapter 1: "The Haunted House"

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~Laurance's POV~

I can't believe this was actually happening to me. Garroth, with his gorgeous ocean blue eyes and flowing blonde hair, leaning just inches away from my face. I had a mix of emotions stirring in my stomach, or was that just the loaded chili dog that Dante dared me to eat earlier?

I snapped back to reality, realizing Garroth was even closer to me than he was before.

"Laurance, I thought you loved me," I heard him whisper as a camera light kept flashing from Katelyn's phone.

I didn't know what to do. I seemed so calm in front of the others, but inside, I was a train wreck just waiting to happen. But I stood there, resisting the urge to sprint out of the house.

That was until I felt Garroth's soft lips brush against mine. The moment he kissed me, my eyes widened and I ran out of the haunted house, not hesitating to pick up the items that fell from my backpack.

My eyes teared up, and I didn't know what to do next. I eventually found a tree to lay against, and I sat there, trying to figure out if I was excited or angry at the fact that Garroth had kissed me for the first time.

~Garroth's POV~

I-I don't know what I had just done. Kiss Laurance, for the first time, the guy who I've had a big crush on ever since the first grade?

I ran after Laurance, picking up the items that he had dropped along the way. I followed the trail of scattered possessions until I spotted him sitting under a tree, his head in his knees.

"Hey," I said as I stood in front of him, giving all of his stuff back.

He looked up, and I saw his face covered in tears that streamed down from his soft baby blue eyes. He forced his face back into his knees, clearly showing that he didn't want to see me. But I didn't give up. I wasn't gonna let him sit here alone in the dark, chilly night. I sat next to him, trying to lift up his chin. He turned his face away from me, but I grabbed it with both hands so that we were face to face.

"G-Garroth, I feel like a fool for kissing someone who's the same gender as me..." Laurance spoke softly.

"Don't be, I...kinda have a small crush on you," I responded, when really, I had a HUGE crush on him.

"R-Really?" he said back.

"Yeah, I really do like you, and quite embarrassingly, I have been since the first grade."

"Well...I guess I owe you a kiss after all these years, huh?"

~Katelyn's POV~

Here I was, standing silently in the haunted house at the local Fall Festival, skimming through the millions of pictures I took of Laurance and Garroth that I would eventually post on Instagram. Don't get me wrong, I would've done so if it wasn't for the lack of some decent Wi-Fi around this place.

"KATELYN, LEMME SEE THOSE PICTURES!!!" Aphmau squealed, wanting to see the pictures I took.

"W-W-WAIT!" I said trying to find the best photo.


"OH FINE!" I gave up and handed the phone to her.

"Heheheheheheheh," Aphmau giggled creepily as she stared at each one with the phone less than an inch away from her face.

"Gimme it back, you'll become blind if you keep doing that!" I said snatching back my phone.

I took Aphmau's arm and pulled her out of the mansion to go and find the two lovebirds, motioning Dante to follow.

We walked in the eerie bunch of oak trees until we found the two of them, lips locked tight, and a blush on each of their faces.

"Oh...mah...gerd," I whispered as I stared at Garroth and Laurance. I let go of Aphmau's arm, and quickly got out my phone to start taking pictures once again.

~Laurance's POV~

"Ahem!" I heard as we freed from our romantic moment. It was Dante, more shocked than ever.

"I-I-IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" I heard Garroth panic next to me.

Hmm...I seemed more calm than Stutter King over there. Next to Dante stood Katelyn, with her phone out taking pictures again, and of course, Aphmau.

"K-Katelyn, what were you going to do to those pictures," I asked the bright blue haired stalker who was fangirling more than ever.

"Post 'em on Instagram, if I only had some dang Wi-Fi," she said calmly.


"Oh not so fast, I'm keeping a few for memory purposes."

I froze. I didn't know what to do. Katelyn always got what she wanted. And by the fact that she was transferring looks between Garroth and I, I could tell she was plotting something evil.

"I want you two to have one more make-out session, and if you do, I'll delete ALL the photos I took," she finally said.

Both Garroth and I blushed. We turned to look at each other, and with a bit of my night vision working, I could see his ocean blue eyes. I began to lean in slowly.

"L-Laurance? W-What are y---" I kissed him before he could finish.

I felt like I should just embrace this romantic moment. And to do so, I slipped my arms under Garroth's shoulders and pulled him closer to me, and he wrapped his arms around my neck. We were there kissing, and our tongues fought for entrance the whole entire time. Katelyn and the others stood there watching, quite pleased with themselves on how the fangirl's plan turned out. All I wanted was to be with Garroth, no matter what.

My Irene, I just love this guy.


GAH! I'm so proud of myself! My first chapter of the Gaurance/Larroth fanfic! I dunno if this chapter was too long or too short. I'm just way to excited that I finally finished it...around 11 at night. WHO CARES!

Now back to serious talk. *puts on serious face* Please understand that I won't be able to make chapters as much as I want to because of school, projects, and other things that who knows goes on in my life. Heheheheh...

But anyways, thank you guys for taking a moment to sit down and read this! I'll see you guys later with my next chapter! Bye!


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