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Pen Your Pride

           Dear Diary,

   Today was the best day ever. I, Trisha Klay Tifany, got winked at by Tyler Blade. I don't know his middle name.... I think it's Joseph.... Hmm... ANYHOO! It was a dream come true! All my friends like him. I, however, called dibs! Not to mention he winked at ME! I've never been so excited in my life. You see my day went like this.

     "Good morning Miss Tifany!" Mr. K. greeted me cheerfully, "Ready for another amazing rehearsal for the musical?"

     "Absolutely, as always!" I responded, a large grinn upon my face and my hazel eyes sparkling. I had a Hedley song stuck in my head. I had been listening to it all night on repeat. I sat in my usual chair humming the song in my head; 'I'll give you shelter out of the rain, I'll make a good day out of pain, and if you got a long way down I feel the same. I'll give you shelter out of the rain.' I swear I was humming that all class long. It's a cute song. I love that band too.

        See this is when it happened. I walked out the big black doors of the drama room and sat at the filthy cafeteria tables with my friends. My long bleache blonde hair sat perfectly on my shoulders, the purple streaks ever so slightly peaking out from underneath.

        Tyler walked gracefully up to the water foutain to get a drink, his friends close behind. His medium-short, natural black hair flew amazingly as he finished his drink. I sat there in awe of him. My note book was covered in hearts.

       "So who is this girl you keep talking about? I mean none of us have heard anything but 'She's perfect' or 'Her outfits are amazing' or 'She has perfect eyes.' Who is she?" Tray Printman, Tyler's best friend, asked.

     "You'll find out eventually..." And there it was. As he turned to walk away his purple eyes perfectly connected with mine and he winked. My face went pure red and my eyes glistened. I had never seen anyone so flawless before. My heart sped to one million beats per second and I nearly had a heart attack. He walked away laughing with his friends, immaculate.

     "What was that?!" Calena (Ka-lain-uh) pondered. "Is it just me or did Tyler Blade, THE Tyler Joseph Blade, wink at you?!" I knew his middle name was Joseph! ANYHOO! 

          "It's not just you! And did you hear what they were talking about?! This COULD mean he likes me!!!" For the rest of the day, Theatre is only my second class, I was starstruck with every sight of him. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a black dress shirt with a purple tie, and his football jersey over top. He's number 12. 

          He's a courterback. I don't actually know what that means.... I don't really like football... I just go to the games for him.

          Until the end of the day hit he was all I thought about. He never left my mind, my train of concentration. I mean how could you forget someone so perfect?

        Finally time was through. As I menovoured through the crowded hallways I was pushed and shoved into the horrible, pastel lockers. Pain rushed through my skull and tingled down my spine into the rest of my body. Nearly two thousand students pushing through the halls. Books dropping, kids tripping, the hallways were simply chaotic. But for just one moment it all faded away.

           As I was being shoved I tripped into the empty arms of Tyler Blade. He had his Ipod on and was listening to Hedley. The very song that had been running through my head all day. As I fell into his arms our eyes connected and he smiled. My cheeks turned cherry red, my books scatttered across the hall.

           "I'm so sorry! I was pushed...." I explained. He stayed silent, simply staring into my eyes. He picked my books up off the disgustingly stained floors and simply held them for a moment.

          "It's alright. Where is your locker? I think I should carry your books for you... Ya know so you don't get pushed again...." My eyes sparkled and perked up. I didn't get what holding my books had to do with being pushed again but I couldn't of cared less! Tyler was carying my books for me! I nodded my head to agree and we began to walk. We made small talk and he asked me about myself. It was paradisaical. HE was paradisaical. 

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