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Chapter 1

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"Bye mom. Bye dad. Uncle Mark is taking me to school."

"Don't get too close to any guys."

"Bye sweetie and remember to show those b*tches who's the boss."

My mom said since she knows about what happens at school. My brother crawled up to me and something stink. He is only 8 months old.

"Mom he needs a diaper change."

I gave him to mom and got into uncle Mark's car.

"Hey uncle Mark hey Jenny."

Jenny daughter of uncle Mark and aunt Cheri. Same age as me and same grade. Half werwolf half human.

"Hey did you hear? The group GOT7 Yugyeom is finding his mate today."

I rolled my eyes and groaned. Yugyeom and his groups are like my uncles but more bad and more man wh*res. They have same name as my uncles but personality is so different.

We got out the car and went to our lockers. Someone push me into the locker and it was Claire.

"Oh look what the nerd drag in."

Claire the well popular girl of the school pffft yeah right more like sl*t of the school. She is a vampire but I'm more stronger.

Her eyes turn red and fangs were coming out.

"At least I'm passing my classes unlike someone who is last place on the exam."

Look I'm not being mean to those people but she gets a negative on her test how do you get negatives on your test.

She was about to punch me when I caught it and push it away from me. I slam my locker and walk away.

My uncle Michael goes to same school with since he is three years older than me. He is going to graduate this year and live with his mate from then on.

"Hey Michael."

"Hey did those girls bother you again."

Everyone thought he was born human but he was born a vampire.

"Yep but no scratches."

"Okay and stay away from GOT7 I don't want you to be bang by them or my sister is going to kill me."

Yep I'm the only one that they haven't had sex with. Jenny including but we stay away from them.

We went to our classes and time went by with boring lectures and annoying GOT7 at lunch time. The school end and I went to my locker to put my stuff up. I smell a sweet scent and heard a voice in my head.

Mate. MATE go to him.

Who the heck are you and you're hurting my eardrums.

I'm your inner vampire duh. Call me Venom.

I nodded and look around to find the smell was coming strongly from the one and only Yuygeom.

No way am I going to be with him.

I close my locker and made contact with Yugyeom for a split second before running to uncle Mark's car where Jenny and uncle Michael were waiting.

"Go now."


"Go now I found my mate and it's Yugyeom leave now."

I saw Yugyeom angry and walking up to us but uncle Mark already drove to our house. I went up to my room ignoring my mom and dad shouting.

Why did you run mate?

Ah you know why and why are like other vampires or werwolves who always want to be with mate.

I just got here today I don't even know him.

You want to know he is man wh*re a jerk and a player.

Venom got quiet and I stuff my face into my pillow. I got up and went to eat dinner.

"So you found your mate."

My dad got mad.

"Who is he? I will break his arms if he gets-"

"Don't worry I'm sure he'll reject me besides it's not like it matters."

I went up to my room and did my homework. It got dark but I didn't care since it was the weekend tomorrow. I put on my headphones and listen to my music to calm me down. I felt cold air coming into my room and saw the window open.

I am pretty sure I close that.

I close the window and smell that scent that made my vampire go crazy. I turned around only for him to cover my mouth with a cloth.

I pretended to sleep and felt him holding.

"From now on you will never be able to get away."

One possessive idiot I got.

Oh shut up at least his vampire is trying to stop him.

And how is that working for him.


I felt him going out and into a car. The car drove for a few minutes until I decided to open my eyes and kick the door open. I jump out and ran home but Yugyeom beat me to it.

"You're coming with me wether you like it or not."

"Well I don't."

I kick him where it hurts and ran but was stop by his gang.

"You either come or we will do something to your family."

My eyes widen and saw Mark doing nothing.

So similar to uncle Mark it's actually annoying.

I groan and walk up to them also kicking all of them where it hurts. I walk to the car and sat in the passenger seat so I don't have to sit close to anyone. I could feel Yugyeom's stare but ignore it.

I can't believe I got myself in this situation.

"Don't worry we told your parents that you'll be staying with is from now on."

My eye twitch and I close my eyes and went to sleep thinking of a plan to beat them up.

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