Choice 2

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You decide it was best to just go to bed. Sachi was sound asleep when you went into the tent. You struggle a little to fall asleep, but you sleep until noon when you do, only to be woken up by Marik. He had a sad look on his face. You sit up, concerned. "Marik, what's wrong?!"

"Umm... (y/n)... I have something important to tell you..." Marik seemed uncomfortable.

"What is it?"

"(y/n) I... I've been lying to you all this time... I... I'm not... Not straight..."

"So, you're bi?"

Marik shook his head no. "Gay... all gay... I didn't want to tell you... I didn't want to break your heart..."

"Break my heart?! Marik, you should have just been outright with it! I would've understood!!" You get up, leaving the tent. You notice Bakura sitting outside the tent, covering his neck. "Bakura... How long were you there?!"

"Long enough, (y/n). Long enough."

"You knew about this?!"

"I've been part of it..."


Bakura chuckled. "Two or three months now I've been part of it."

"So... Marik's been cheating on me?"

"He told me that he never saw himself as 'with' you."

"THAT BASTARD!!" You storm off into the forest, crying.

Marik comes out from the tent. "(y/n), come back!"

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