Imagine 3-(Cute) for xxSkybluexx

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 "Skyler, are your ready?!" i herd my boyfriend Austin yell from downstairs. Yes the one and only Austin Carter Mahone in talking about. Be jelly. I slipped on my last shoe "Hold on babe!" i responded. I was currently in my room getting ready for my date with Austin. He is taking me to an amuzment park that is downtown. I made my way over to the full sized body mirror i had in my room and examined my outfit making sure to fix anything i needed to fix.


I soon felt to arms snake around my waist hugging me from behind. My greenish/hazel orbs meeting his green ones threw the mirror. I swear everytime our eyes meet i get butterflies in my stomach. "Baby, you look so beautiful" he buried his nose in my dark brown curly locks inhaling the sent which made me giggle.

We were walking towards his car and i realized it was getting dark outside. We both arrived at his red Range Rover and he opened the door for me like a gentlemen he is. Once i was in the car he closed the door and made his way over the the drivers side. He stepped into in closing the door and started the ignition pulling out of my driveway.

*Skipping car ride*

Austin parked his car across the amuzment park. Both of us exited out of his car. I walked over to his and intertwined our fingures. I can already tell this night is going to be the best.


We were having so much fun going on rides and just walking around. I grabbed a piece of cotton candy from the bag filled with cotton candy that Austin bought me. I let the fluffly goodness melt in my mouth as i grabbed another piece and another and another.

My gaze met a huge fluffly from that was hanging on top of a booth. I think Austin saw me loking at it because he chuckled and asked me "Do you want the frog babe" i nodded in agreement smiling like a little kid. He laughd once more and pecked my lips walking over to the booth. I just followed and saw him hand the guy behind the counter 2 dollors. "Okay, so you have to try to knock those five ball pins with these two three balls to win the frog" the guy handed Austin the balls.

I watched as Austin focused on his aim and threw the ball knocking only three down. Not bad. He was on his last ball whitch had only three ball pins standing. He was more focused than the first ball and he was biting his lip as he threw the last ball knocking all of them down. I jumed up and down in excitment as the guy took down the frog and handed it to me. I hugged Austin and thanked him kissing his cheek.

*1 hour later*

An hour has passed and the sky was completely dark. Austin had won me another medium sized stuffed animal that was a lion. The place was clearing out which ment it was closing. I checked my phone and saw it was 10:00pm and yawned. "Do you wanna leave now babe" he asked as he tucked a stray of hair behing my ear. 

"Yes" i responded back yawning again. I was getting tired. Duh.

We made our way to his car which felt like forever cuz i was tired. Once we reached the car i stepped in closing the door, same with Austin. As he started to drive i reached over and gradded his hand. He smirked and continued driving. I didnt even realize i fell asleep until i was lightly being shaken awake "Skyler, baby, wake up" i groaned and fluttered my eyes open to see Austin only inches away from my face whick startled me a little. I realized i was still holding his hand. A smirk apeared on my face as i was leaned up kissing him passionatly untill i pulled away out of breath.

"Come on ill walk you to your door" i nodded in agreement and stepped out of the car as well as Austin. We walked up my door step and we turned so we were facing each other. He grabbed my hand and i began to speak

"I had a really great time babe. Thank for taking me and for winning me prized" I looked up meeting his gaze.

"Anything for my baby" he said leaning down. Our lips met and moved in sync. His lips were so soft and warm. It was like fireworks when are lips met. Am i being to dramatic? Dont know dont care. I didnt want to pull away untill he pulled away making my pout in disappointment. He lightly chuckled from my reaction "See you later baby. I have to go to the studio tomorrow so ill text you before i leave" i leaned up and pecked his lips once more "Ok by babe" i said as he turned around walking to his car with his hands in his pocket. He turned around and gave me a small wave and i waved back in return. Once his car drove of i grabbed the key from under the mat. I unlocked the door making my way inside and closed it locking it behind me. A smile was plastered on my face as i entered my room putting the stuffed animals on my bed.

All i thought that night was "Im a really lucky girl to be dating Austin Carter Mahone"


Hey! Hope you liked it Skyler!