(3) ~ after school ~

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The whole day went by so fast you couldn't believe it. The last bell rang and you packed your school bag with all the stuff you need. Your parents where at home but they where working so you had to walk home yourself. You grabbed your phone out and put it in your pocket just incase anything happens on the way home.
" cya tomorrow guys" you waved to your friends as you walked past and continued through the gate. All of a sudden your tummy rumbled loudly.
" darn. I'm really hungry" you said to yourself chuckling a little. You then realized there was a supermarket across the road from where you where walking. Five minutes later you are roaming around the supermarket.
" what should I get" you said thinking. " oooo I know" you said and jogged to the isle of (F/F) and grabbed one.
" better get something for mum and dad to" you said so you grabbed a
Litre of (F/D) and two packs of (parents F/F). You also grabbed a few apples , bananas, and a carton of milk. ~there's half of mums shopping~ you thought to yourself and laughed for little. You walked up the the cash register and the cashier scanned your groceries. You paid for the food and grabbed the bags and stuffed them in your backpack making sure not to squish anything. Then you pulled out (F/F) and ate them on the way home. You arrived a block before your house and you realized a black car in the drive way. " that's not mum and dads car" you said hurrying up a little. You looked at the door and it was slightly open.

I really hope our enjoying the story so far. Sorry to leave this one as a cliff hanger. Also if you guys didn't know (F/F) means favorite food and (F/D) means favorite drink :).

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