(2) ~ english class~

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Now, it wasn't that you hated English, it was more the teacher everyone had a problem with.

Ms Fieldman.

You see, Ms Fieldman was a young lady in her late 20's. She was tall and curvy, had bleach blonde hair with purple and blue ends, always wore a little to much makeup, and always smelt of  cheap perfume.

You may be thinking, ' well she seems nice?¿', but no, she really wasn't.

Every class she had, she'd arrive late and waltz in like she wasn't 10, sometimes 15 minutes late for class.

She was almost always never prepared for lectures, not knowing what was in the curriculum , let alone how to teach it, but also didn't even bother to try teach the classes she had...

" Hey y/n" you heard. Turning around, you saw it was f/n walking towards you, a bit over excitedly. As he approached you,you smiled.  "hello f/n  " you said  a little grumpily and he looked at you.. " You ok?" He asked,smiling kindly.  " Yeah I'm fine" you replied lieing.
Once the teacher arrived, you hurried in to get a decent spot in the classroom, f/n following suit.

After everyone was seating, the young lady waltz her way to the front of the classroom, dying every student, almost in a judgment sort of way.

"alright, today we were meant to start reading this book, but I don't have it and I'm pretty sure none of you guys do either, so let's just pretend we're working and not do anything" Ms Fieldman said very un-enthusiastically. Rolling her eyes, she dumped her bag on the desk and plonked down into her chair, pulling her phone out.

A chorus of 'woop's were heard, echoing throughout the old ,rundown classroom.

Sighing, you pulled out the required book and your sketch book, deciding to read and draw at the same time; " here we go again" you sighed and started preparing for a very boring double period.

As lunch time rolled around, all your friends started stressing out.

A chorus of " did you study for the test?!?" , 
"No, please tell me you did!?" And  " what do you mean you didn't!!"s was yelled throughout your friends, before they all turned to you.

" did you study, (y/n)?!?"

" of course I (did/didn't)!"

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