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Y/n pov

I sat alone in my room, crying slightly. I had fallen into a terrible depression. There was a knock at the door, "Y/n?" A soft voice called out quietly. I whimpered, curling in a ball. The door opened, and someone walked in. It was Brice, someone who cared about me. He had bright yellow hair that stood on end, and a strange mix of red and blue eyes. He was competently insane. He was a murderer, always laughing and grinning, coming back covered in blood. He killed anyone who saw him. Except me. He liked me, accepted me. And I liked him, accepted him. So I stayed with him. Ironically, he made me feel safe. He frowned when he seen me, quickly sitting down beside the sobbing ball of myself. Gingerly, he pulled me onto his lap, and just...hugged me. Hesitantly, I laid my head on his shoulder, trying not to cry, but crying a lot. He rubbed my back, whispering comforting things. Eventually, I calmed down, shaking slightly and gripping his shirt. He smiled slightly, laying me down, and carefully tucking me in. With a quick kiss on my cheek, he turned to leave. "W-wait!" I gasped suddenly, trying to grab his black shirt sleeve. He paused, looking over his shoulder slightly. I hesitated, feeling small under his piercing -yet soft- gaze. Finally, I found my voice, a soft whimper, "W-will you st-stay with m-me...?" He starred at me for a few seconds more, before turning back around, a small smile making its way on his lips. Brice crawled onto the bed, laying beside me, pulling the covers over him as well. Instantly, I turned towards him, burying my face in his chest. He smiled slightly at this, pulling me as close as he could, kissing the top of my head again. I smiled a little, closing my eyes and forgot about everything bad, only him.

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