"MADELINE!! GET READY WE'RE HAVING VISITORS!!!" YAY!! I love visitors I always have a chance in getting adopted. I’ve always wanted to get adopted. Anyways, hi my name is Madeline and im just like any other 12 year old orphan just cooler ^.^. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and take a shower. I have a bathroom in my room because the orphanage is really big. After I'm done I put on my superman tank top and black skinny jeans. I walk to my closet and put on my Adventure Time Finn's hat and slip on my black converse.

I walk downstairs to find 5 teenage boys looking for kids. I walk up to the oldest looking guy and tug on his shirt. He looks at me and smiles.

"Hello love, need something?"

"Hi do you have a carrot?" I smile showing my dimples. They're really big too like really deep.

"OH... LADS I THINK I FOUND HER!!" He screeches. I wince and cover my ears. Then four pairs of feet come running towards us. I look up to see the other teenagers smiling at me. I then realized poohead didn’t answer my question.

"Mr.Poo-head, I would be please to inform you that you didn’t give me a carrot. Hand it over and no one gets hurt," I say in a very posh accent and stretch out my hand. He pulls out a carrot from his pocket and puts it in my hand. I shake my head and run to the kitchen. I rinse the lint off the very long carrot. I run back to the 5 boys.

"What’s up Doc?" I asked while taking a bite of my carrot and stand in the way bugs bunny does. The boys all giggle... GIGGLE!! Some boys they are.

I was about to walk away when someone picked me up which resulted in me screaming, "AHHHH!!! THE BOOGIE MAN GOT ME!!" And then laughing 'cause they were touching my sides. Whoever picked me up put me down and I started rolling on the floor laughing / crying.

I stop after a while and lay in starfish position. PATRICK.

"So what do ya want?" I asked

"Would you like to get adopted?" The one with chocolate eyes and a cute smile asked me.

"Of course who wouldn’t? And by hot guys that’s awesome!!" I replied getting up and running around in circles, I stopped and became really dizzy. I covered my eyes and started jumping, then uncovered them and stared at the confused boys.