Teenage Years Part 2

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I was ten years old when Mack and me became friends. I thought that my cousin Rachel would have persuaded him to join her group of friends, buy he never did. I thought that I would never have a friend, especially one like Mack. 

When we weren't in school or doing our chores, we would usually be hanging out together. Sometimes we would go fishing and surprise our mum's with what we caught and brung home.

Our families got use to us being together that they knew that where one of us was, the other wasn't too far away. Of course Rachel never gave up in trying to split us up. Mum said she's gotten really spiteful the more she grows up. 

Sometimes she would get me in trouble and I would run away and cry. But Mack would always find me and cuddle me and wipe away my tears. I'm glad he's my friend. 

The teenage years were a bit trying to say the least. It was bad enough that I was changing, both physically and emotionally, but so was every other teenager we associated with. Even Mack. By the time we were thirteen we had made a pact to be friends forever no matter what.

When we all use to go camping as a family, Mack was invited to come too. Sometimes we would also have uncle and Rachel come with us. She didn't like camping. She said there were too many bugs or spiders or snakes. So she threw temper tantrums a lot to get her own way.

She would also get herself out of the chores too making sure that it would be me that would have to do them. Sometimes I would make a big hissy fit about it so that Mum had to say something about Rachelle pulling her own weight.

When uncle tried to get his little princess out of it, Mum would just say in a real snappy voice that he was more than welcome to take himself and his spoilt brat of a daughter and go home.

That usually just shut them both up. At least it did for a while at least. I still liked camping anyway, even if she did come and try and ruin it for me. I never really could understand why she always seemed to hate me in particular.

It was over the camp fire at night once,  that us kids learned that there was a big factory attempting to move into the area. The kind of work they were doing was going to cause so many other local people to lose their jobs. No one wanted that to happen, so they were resisting having the factory come.

Dad said those people were big business and they usually get their own way because they pay people to agree with them. Even if everyone agreed, it wouldn't be long before damage would be done, both to the families that had lived here for years and the countryside that would be ravaged.

Mack use to tell me a few things about it since his dad worked for the big business that was coming here. That was one of the reasons that they came here to live. Well, at least his mum was here most of the time. But his dad was still sorting things out in the city. But he came sometimes as I met him once or twice.

He had a nice smile and he seemed like a nice dad to Mack. He was nice to me.

One day when I was down town with one of my Aunties, I saw Mack's dad with uncle, Rachel's daddy. I don't know what they was talking about, but they looked kind of being sneaky about it. Aunty looked at them kind of funny like.

Anyway, we were down town doing some shopping for me.

Mum was a bit busy at home so Aunty offered to take me for Mum. So for the next few hours, Aunty and I spent the time shopping for new bras and undies now that I was nearly a woman, Mum said.  I would explain why she said that but I thought it was a bit embarrassing. Actually it was a lot embarrassing.

So there was me and Aunty in a lingerie store trying on bras and such when Rachel came in with some of her friends. Sad to say, they saw me, but not our Aunty. And of course, they just had to come over and bully me saying nasty things about me.

They were even laughing about the choices I was making in the selection of bras. I wanted ones that would do the job. No one was going to be seeing them except myself, so why should I want a bra that was bright pink with black lace on it like the one that Jobeth showed us she was wearing.

Jobeth and I are the same age like Rachel and we are similar in build, but my boobs have grown a little bit more than hers and of course they have to pick on me about that too. Just as they started to really begin pushing me around and throwing all the bras that were on the table over me, Aunty came along with the shop lady.

After snapping at Rachel, Aunty said that she'll be talking to her daddy when we get home. She also said that she would be talking to the parents of the other girls too since they were participants along with my cousin. It wouldn't stop the bullying, and after giving me a real nasty look, Rachel and her little stuck up band of snobs left the store after calling us all some nasty names.

I cried on the way home despite my Aunty trying to make me cheer up.

Later that day when me and Mack was up in out tree house that we built, I told him all about why Mum said I was nearly a woman. I also told him about the shop incident with Rachel and her friends. He wasn't happy about that. He cuddled me and kissed my cheek.

He was also very curious about the whole nearly being a woman thing. Especially when I told him what happens with us girls every month when we get to a certain age. That part might have made him curious, but when he grasped the idea of it and why, I thought he was going to chunder. (that means vomit)

He kept looking at me funny like after that too. But I just laughed at him.

When I was twelve, we shared our first kiss together. We had been spying on our parents to see how it was done and also practicing on our hands. We must have kissed for a good minute before pulling away from each other. Then we just looked at each other and laughed.

We had no idea what was so fascinating about kissing. It was really sloppy and funny too when our tongues met and tickled each others. It wasn't nothing much we thought. We didn't kiss again for a long time. But by that time, it was something special. And we liked it too.

That was when we started to explore lots of things with each other, including each others bodies and how we were changing. Me and Mack had lots of laughs about it, discovering in what ways we were different.

Of course Rachel was still being a pain in the arse. She was making life for me such a battle at times.

It would be a bit of a battle that would be going on  for a few more years before something major happened that changed everything. Especially for me.

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