"Uh, yeah I guess. Why? Did she say that?" I asked kinda nervous.

I thought that he was kidding but the look on his face showed his true curiosity.

"No, but I read her mind and she had some ideas of what to do to you."

The wheels started turning in my brain. I really didn't want to tick her off too badly.

If I can deal with her makeover crap, then she can deal with this, I thought.

We pulled into the driveway and walked into the house. I immediately saw Emmett jump on Alice when she saw me.

I backed into Edward who was keeping me from falling backward.

"Alice no! Stay down!" Emmett yelled.

"No! Bella I can't believe you're doing this to me!" She yelled.

I laughed. This was actually more amusing then I thought it would be.

"C'mon Al, let's get upstairs." I said mockingly.

Emmett made sure she was well under control before she went upstairs with me.

We walked up in silence and then to her room.

"So I brought everything you needed. Shoes, socks, a shirt, etc. If you want I'll wait outside your room while you change?" I asked in my nicest voice.

"Sure, do whatever you want." Alice said.

She didn't sound necessarily mad. I was expecting her much worse. As soon as I stepped out, she allowed me back in.

This look was so new to the both of us. We stood looking at the mirror for what felt like hours.

She finally spoke.

"I-i......." her voice faded. She didn't know what to say.

"I know, I know. Its different and uncomfortable but I think-" I was cut off.

"Love it." Alice said finishing her sentence.

I stared at her.

"Uh excuse me, what?" I asked totally shocked by her answer.

She looked at me and smiled.

"Bella. Can't you see? All these years I thought that fashion was my life but its not. At least not anymore." She said hugging me.

This was not good at all. Alice was fashion. I left Alice in her room and went downstairs.

"Uh, Edward. We have a problem." I whispered. We walked into the kitchen and as soon as we were away from others I started.

"So I gave Alice the clothes and she put them on." I said.

"So far so good." Edward said gesturing me to continue.

"We were looking in the mirror and all of a sudden she started beaming. She said she loved it! This is bad, isn't it?"I asked biting my nails.

Edward stared at me.

"Oh no. I just read her mind. She's going to try to throw away her designer clothes."

We ran upstairs. Alice was just opening the door.

"Alice Cullen. If you walk into this closet and get rid of these clothes you will regret it!" I yelled.

"No I won't. I'm done with them." Alice said trying to make another move to the closet door.

"No! I won't let you! This isn't you. Alice. Please." I was practically begging. Tears ran down my face.

"Move out of the way Bella." Alice said pushing me softly but enough to make me fall.

Edward jumped on her. Emmett then came up and picked me up. I started sobbing.

"No! No! Please! Put me down Emmett! Edward!!!!" I screamed. Emmett took me into Edward's room across the room to calm me down.

"Bella. Please. Calm down." Emmett said.

"No no, I can't. What's wrong with her?" I asked still sobbing.

"Its kinda a routine. She tries something new, instantly loves it. Don't worry she will break soon. She always does." Emmett smiled.

I wiped off my tears and smiled.

"Thank you Emmett." I said in a tiny voice. I hugged him and he hugged me back.

I never imagined Emmett like this. For once he wasn't loud, obnoxious, or joking, he was really helpful.

I released him from my grip and Edward walked in.

"How is she I asked." The felt the water-works were making their way back into my eyes.

"She's fine. Carlisie found a way to calm her down. They're watching Clueless, Alice's favorite movie for some reason.

I laughed a little. A tear dripped down my cheek. Edward put his hand on my face and swept off the tear.

"Don't be upset Bella. There's nothing you can do but wait for the phase to end." Edward said.

After he said that I started thinking. What if its not a phase, what if she's done.

I was mad that I forced the bet upon her. I wish that I just let the comment she said about my outfit go like all the other times.

Curse me and my big mouth, I thought.

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