Epigraph and Prologue

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“She is wild and free.

She always will be,

For that is the way of the wolf.

The wolf is a hunter.

The wolf is a survivor.

She is alive, and dignified.”

-          The Wolf, Wolf Spirit (2011)

      "Hannah?" I tentatively called out into the blackness of the woods. Silence greeted me. I broke into a panicked run. I had to find her, before it was too late. I had to find her before she found him. I slowed down as the hill gradually got steeper. I began thinking as I walked. What would happen if I didn't find her in time? He'd die, not that I cared about that. But it was what his death would do to her that kept me going on my mission. As I reached the top of the cliff I could see the moon, practically straight in front of me. The shadows on its surface made it look like a shocked face, as if it already knew what was about to happen. A full moon, a perfect circle that bore an uncanny likeness to a clock face. A metaphor for how little time I had left. For the first time that night, I registered the height of the moon. As the realisation hit me I dropped to my knees in defeat. A pain-stricken howl echoed through the forest behind me.

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