You Think he Cheated

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28. You Think he Cheated

You woke up in your bed after a crazy night out with Austin and some friends. You grabbed your phone from your bedside table and went onto Twitter. Almost every tweet that you were tagged in were pictures of Austin and an other girl. But they were all the same picture.

When you finished on Twitter, you went on your Instagram. Once again, you were tagged in the picture of Austin and the girl by a bunch of people. "Oh My God! I can't believe he'd do this to me!" you screamed.

You cried yourself back to sleep when after a while you heard Austin's voice. "Hey sleepy head" he whispered in your ear before kissing your neck. You turned the other way. "Austin just go away!". "But babe we're going to that family thing today". "No just leave! I can't believe that you did this!" you shouted at him. "Did what?!" he shouted back. "cheated on me! Okay?".

The only sounds in the house were back and forth shouting. "What?!". "You cheated on me! Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! Why don't you just go see your new GIRLFRIEND!?". "What girlfriend? You are my girlfriend!". "Oh yeah?! Then why did I see a picture of you and this girl everywhere on my Twitter and Instagram?!" you asked while still shouting. "What girl?!". "The one in the picture! I don't know who she is! Why are you asking me that?!".

A long silence filled the room. "(Y/N)! That was my step cousin. She's new here and I was showing her around..." Austin lowered his voice. "Oh...". You said whipping your tears. "I'm so sorry baby" you said while hugging Austin. "It's okay just don't ever think that I'd cheat on you, okay?". "Okay". You kissed him lightly before he whipped away the rest of your tears.

You got ready for the family event and never believed that Austin was cheating on you ever again.

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