You're Having An Affair With Him

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Harry: You walked down the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards, usually you were modest but you knew you looked amazing in your outfit. You are nominated for Best New Artist and you were beyond excited. When you looked down you saw One Direction and their women hanging with them. You clenched your jaw when your eyes landed on Harry's wife. You knew you were wrong for harboring ill feelings towards her but you couldn't help it. As you walked past them you gave each one a hug, accidently lingering on Harry. He smirked at you at you kept walking into the venue. You decided to go to the bathroom and touch up your makeup. After a few minutes you hear the door open and the lock turn. You smiled already knowing who it was. You saw in the mirror, Harry coming up behind you, tightly wrapping his arms around his waist. "[Y/N], you have some nerve. You put this dress on purposely trying to fuck with me," he said lowly in your ear. "You caught me, what are you doing to do about it?" You kept your gaze straight ahead, admiring the reflection. He planted kisses on your open back and reached into his pocket pulling out a hotel card key. "Be here, tonight and you'll find out," Harry turned you around to face him. You take the card and put it in the strap of your bra. "I really want to kiss you right now," his said eyes, lowering down to your lips. "Mess up my makeup and you'll pay the price," you whisper into his ear. "I think like the sound of that," his teeth nipped at your neck. "You need to go, you're performing tonight," you lightly push him away. "Get back to your wife," you said half joking adjust his bowtie. He moves your side bang out of your face. "You know, I love you right? You're the only woman I'm in love with. I'm going to divorce her after the album comes out." You gave him a light kiss then wiped the lipstick off. "I love you too."

Liam: You were twenty and married. Being married at such a young age was the biggest mistake you ever made, and you let yourself get pushed into it by a bunch of your friends and family. You've been a strong believer in the idea of karma. You did something good by listening to your loved ones about your marriage, and in return the universe brought you Liam Payne; sexy, sweet, gentleman, Liam Payne. Of course, he entered into your life a little too late, but that didn't stop either of you for falling for each other. After realizing you were in love with Liam, you couldn't help but notice that you've never felt that way with your husband, and he probably didn't feel the same with you. You it wouldn't surprise you in the least if he was cheating on you either. But you parents made it clear that they would not pay for your schooling and they would disown you if you left him. "I'm leaving, I'll be back in a week," he kissed your temple, grabbed his bag, and went out the door. You immediately grabbed your phone shooting off a text to Liam. You quickly put on some lazy clothes and within the next twenty minutes he was at the front door. As soon as he entered the apartment he captured your lips in a heated kiss. "I've missed you so much," he said against your lips. "It's been entirely too long," you move to embrace him in a hug. "Come on, let's watch a movie and chill on the couch," Liam took your hand and led you into the living room. That's the thing, it wasn't just sex with him, it was so much more. "You know, if you did divorce him, you'd could come and live with me in a second," he put his arms around you as you sat in his lap. "I believe you, but what about school? And I don't think I could go the rest of my life being disowned," you said quietly. "I know, but my offer still stands about me paying for you even though you don't want me to. If your parents don't want to be in your life that's their loss. They're cutting out a beautiful person who deserves so much more from life." "I love you so much," you buried your head in his neck. "I love you too sweetheart."

Louis: You were a terrible person, and you were well aware of it. The worst part of it is, you couldn't bring yourself to care. The main reason was because Eleanor stole Louis right from underneath of you. Not even a few hours after you and Lou broke up four years ago she was right there to "comfort" him. He probably wouldn't even be with her now if it wasn't for the fact that she had a baby about ten months ago. After putting their daughter, Mia to sleep, you set her down gently in the crib. "You are so good with her," Louis came up behind you and kissed your cheek. "That's because I love her. I have a question, since your nanny is sick, what if I wasn't available to watch Mia? Would it kill her to actually take care of her daughter?" You both walked out of the room and you quietly shut the door. You take off your hat to push back your bangs, and pulled down the sleeves of your jumper. "After the first few months, she's been over raising her," Louis rolled his eyes. "She is so aggravating. How can anyone just stop taking care of their baby that they brought into the-" Louis gave you a forceful kiss just to cut you off. "I love that you are so passionate about me and our daughter," he smiled pulling you away. He always calls Mia 'our daughter' and you always thought of her that way because you've probably taken care of her more than Eleanor. "I think when Mia is one, I'll have my lawyer draw up the divorce papers. I can't be in this marriage anymore especially when knowing the I'm not even married to the love of my life." "You promise?" You stepped forward so that your noses are touching. "I've never broken a promise to you before. I do not intend to start now," Louis closes the remaining space between you pressing your lips together.