# 18 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter 18:

“You sure you’ll be alright?” Nauti asked again as he stood by the door of Jesse’s new bedroom, reluctant to leave. Especially since Jesse was looking good enough to eat with his brothers shirt hanging on her small frame, stopping just midthigh. Revealing a whole lot of shapely leg, much to his and Dev’s delight.

When he had thrown a few things in a bag for her at her apartment earlier, he had skipped over her night clothes.

He had wanted to see her wearing their clothes.

He wanted to go bed every night knowing that she slept with something of either him or his brother close to her. Wrapped comfortably around her lush body that she was so embarrassed of.

He had seen the way she had inconspicuously hid her body from others view throughout the course of the night. Constantly looking around her to make sure no one was looking at her before relaxing just a little bit. Even when she had spoken to her friends, he had seen the way she had tried to hide.

And it pissed him off.

He wanted everyone in the room to know how utterly gorgeous she was and know that she belonged to them.

No one else.

Jesse turned to him and nodded while shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. Feeling odd with only a shirt on in front of Nauti, though by the look in his eyes he didn’t mind it at all.

“I’ll be fine. Thank You.” She said, impatiently waiting for him to leave so that she could crawl into bed.

“Alright but don’t be shy to come and find us if you need something, okay?” Jesse nodded once again and froze when he walked over to her. Her breath caught, just like it did every time, when he pulled her close to him and kissed her softly on her neck. Right on the mark he had left there.

“Goodnight, babe.” He whispered against her skin before turning around and walking away. He turned his head to grin at her over his shoulder just before he switched off the light, leaving Jesse standing in the soft light of the lamp on the bedside table.

With a shuddering breath, Jesse forced herself to stop thinking about just doing what her body wanted her to do, which was to go grab those two men in the other room and drag them to bed, and climbed into bed. Switching off the lamp, she pulled the blankets over herself and savored the scent of Man that seemed to completely surround her as she made herself comfortable.

Unfortunately for her she didn’t fall asleep immediately as she had thought she would, since she was so damned tired. Instead her mind seemed intent on replaying the night over in her head.

Dinner had been amazing, even with Leticia who had so rudely interrupted them.

Devlish and Nauti had both plied her with so much attention that she was still reeling from it.

They fed her themselves, refusing to allow her to even touch her knife and fork during their meal, and shared dessert with her. Licking away whatever had dropped from the spoon onto her skin.

Jesse blushed as she remembered how, when a large drop of chocolate had fallen on her breasts, Devlish had licked it away. Taking his time as his brother kissed Jesse playfully, making her more and more frustrated.

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