Chapter 39

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The next morning I noticed Tyler and Ben were sitting accross from each other talking and laughing like two best mates. I felt extremely happy  at the sight of Ben smiling and laughing over the jokes Tyler was telling. "They're finally getting along." Devan whispered in my ear obviously noticing I was staring. "I'm glad they are." I whispered back. "So do I." I wasn't sure if Ben had told Devan yet but I was sure that if he didn't he was going to soon, those are like two hands on one Belly. Out of nowhere Darius stood up almost falling over as he Walked to the door of the room. "Darius?" I asked seeing his worried expression but he didn't answer he just Walked of. "What was that about?" Daisy asked entering the room. "Probably had to use the toilet or something." Right as Ben said that Quincy and Jacob Walked in. "Good morning friends." Jacob said sitting himself down in front of me and next to Quincy. "Morning." I mumbled back. "It's a big day today!" He said in a happy yet sarcastic tone. "Jacob shut it." Quincy hissed at him. "Aw you don't want our friends to know?!" He said still sounding ever so sarcastic. "Arises will tell them." Quincy said under his Breath sounding a lot more serious. "What a pity, I so wanted to tell them myself."  "Can you not?!" Ben said as he turned his head to Jacob. "Uh oh I made the mundane angry, I am so scared!" Seriously if that guy got any more sarcastic I will slap him accross the face. "Honestly what the hell is your problem!" Ben said stabbing his Fork in his sandwich. "Are we getting violent now?" "Yes we are!" "Ben stop it." I heard Tyler quietly whisper. "Aw your boyfriend is looking out for you!" "SERIOUSLY CAN YOU CUT IT!" I yelled pulling out my nails and fangs, I didn't notice that my voice had changed untill everybody just stared at me. "I will thank you very much." He said in return before walking out the room again. "Little bitch." Tyler hissed digging his nails in the wooden table. "Sorry about that." Quincy said getting up aswell and following his....his whatever.

"My dear werewolfs I want to show you all something!" Ferrel exitedly announcent as she Walked into the room followed by..., BELLA! "BELLLAAA!" I yelled as I immiately hugged her. I quickly released though so I could turn to Ally. "All I missed you so much!" I said pulling her in a big hug. After that I went on to hug Dana, Lilly, Willow, Patrick and Wes. They all seemed so bright and happy which made me immiately forget all the problems and just focus on this happy Bunch of supernaturals. "I believe I haven't met you yet." I heard Bella's voice say as she Walked over to Daisy. It was nice to look around the room and see everybody Greet each other with open arms and big smiles, I knew we all Needed this. Everybody needs there family even if they aren't the Same blood as you! I guess this Bunch has meant more to me then I ever imagined they did. Which was a comforting feeling as I was starting to doubt if I actually ever felt love for someone.

"Alex can I speak to you for a second?" Arises said pulling me out of the room. "Sure, what's up?" "I just called your dad, he said he and the rest of the sherrif's departement were keeping an eye on the hunters, you might not want to but you'll have to stay here for a little while." "But Raven said...." "I know what Raven said, but the centaur was right, he's coming Alex." "Why is he coming for me? Why won't he let us come to him?" "That I don't know, i'm trying to figure that out but right now I want you to go to Quincy and Jacob they'll have to teach you a few things." "Like what?" "Just things we feel like you should know, they are waiting for you in the study." I just nodded and Walked off to the study.

When I Walked in both of them were indeed sitting on the couch waiting for me. "Sit." Jacob immidiately ordered. "I think it's better if you just shut up for now." Quincy mumbled under his Breath when I sat down. "He's not to fond of werepanthers." Quincy explained as he turned to me. "I noticed." I mumbled back not knowing where to look. "Okay so do you have your wand?" He asked looking directly at me. "Yes." I said as I Pulled the all black wand out of my pocket inside my jacket. "That is the wand of Nephilim, only we can use it." He explained. "A Nephilim?" I asked confused at the word. "It's what we are, a human-angel hybrid, most call us shadowhunter's though." "So am I a Nephilim?" "Kind of yes, you're not pure though. You were made to be one, not born to be one. We're not sure if it makes you stronger or weaker." "And what happens to someone that uses it and that is not a Nephilim?" "It can kill you bassicly." "So say this goes horribly wrong I will die?" "No, making a Nephilim is very careful and dangerous operation if it wouldn't have succeeded you would of have died then." "Have others been made..., like me?" "Yes, but not at our institute." "And how do I use this thing?" "It's very simple actually, there are a lot of runes, some are very easy, not painful and stay for life bassicly scaring your skin for as long as you'll live, others are darker, painful to draw, they will fade a lot quicker and when done incorrectly can be very dangerous." "What are like, the easy ones?" "Things you already have, sight, smell, strength, healing and a lot more i'm afraid you'll have to do a lot of studying on them before even thinking about facing Slanther, runes only work when drawn correctly." "Is there like anything else I can do as a shadowhunter." "Not really no." Jacob let out a sigh at that making me turn to him. I saw Quincy push him a little but he didn't care. "There is something else." Jacob said turning to me. "Jacob not know!" Quincy quickly hissed. "She's been through enough, she deserve's to know the thruth."  For a split second his eyes seemed to lighten a bit making him seem sorry for me but that quickly faded as his eyes went back to it's dark green color." "What is it then?" I asked raising my eyebrow. "Als you may or may not know, Vampire's and Warlocks are immortal, they also belong to the supernatural world. Vampire's are techincly downworlders as they are a kind that often kills for pleasure, werewolfs belonged to that kind to. Your mother turned that around and made them seem a lot more approachable, if I can say it like that, fact is it doesn't change the past and so many Nemphillim's will turn against you when they find out your true you. It's dangerous Alex, we are made to kill you and even though we haven't killed a werewolf in ages. Once you get on our bad side you are bassicly writing your own suicide note, and that of the rest of the werewolfs." "No wonder my mother went crazy." I mumbled looking directly at Jacob. "I mean, I thought I was just a werewolf that happened to have to kill one of there own to make her village safe, turns out that I am actually also a shadowhunter and they are supposed to kill me and that the feeling I had when I was little was actually a honest and right feeling! I am actually the work of a monster! I am part of the devil's world!" "It's not what's in us that define's who we are Alex, it the choises we make that matter!"

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