WEBYS - Chapter Eight

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(This chapter is really poorly written - I'm so so sorry)

::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Eight:

They ended up going back to Wesley's, and - although most of Autumn's mind was screaming in protest of how she stupid she was being - she couldn't help but feel curious.

Three years.

Just how much had changed?

"I uh, I'll go fetch you some dry clothes." Wesley told her as he stood in the hallway of his apartment.

He was still fiddling with his keys as he spoke, taking a longer time then necessary to pocket them.

Reaching for the switch on the wall he pressed it down, bathing the room with light.

"You can," he cleared his thraot, "make yourself comfortable." He finished offering, taking long strides through the small apartment. Flicking on the kettle as he passed it and leaving it to boil whilst he went to change his clothes and fetch something for Autumn to wear.

Autumn found it hard to 'make herself comfortable'. She barely shuffled three steps into his living room.

She was having trouble breathing.

The whole place smelled faintly like him.

It was all too horribly familiar.

Deciding to use the opportunity to do a little nosing she glanced around the room taking the note of a the kinds of books and DVDs that were piled dangerously high on his coffee table from where he'd used them and not put the away.

Picking up the nearest dvd case and opening it, a small smile wormed its way involuntarily to her lips.

He was...far too much the same person he's been three years ago.

Rather than being the DVD it was meant to be it was a PS3 game.

The habit had used to drive her absolutely crazy when they'd been together.

Nostalgia crept under her skin, warming her thoughts.

Closing the case this time pushed the litter of coasters, balled up rubbish and cans aside clearing the edge of the table.

Despite the fact that the coffee table itself had been changed she still found what it was she was looking for. There was an A4 piece of paper taped down to the corner filled with important notes.

Her lips twitched slightly. She always used to leave doodles for him to find here - never mind that she couldn't draw for shit - and in return he'd always steal her phone, leaving selfies of himself pulling ridiculous expressions for her to find.

She traced her fingers over the paper. There weren't any doodles left - he must have changed the paper so many times over the past few years.

Lost in thoughts of she didn't notice Wesley's return until he spoke up from behind her.

"What are you doing?" He asked, leaning past her to see whatever she was seeing.

Good question, she thought, what the hell am I doing?

"Trying to remember something." She muttered eventually in response.

She saw Wesley's expression falter.

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