Chapter 20.

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Scarlett's POV

The sun had been shining through my window for hours now but I was still reluctant to make any effort to move. My bed was warm and comfortable and I had no reason to get up today so the argument for me leaving my bed was evidently losing. I hadn't even made the effort to switch the TV on, instead I opted for turning the speakers of my iPod dock up to full blast, the sound of Hayley Williams' voice filtered through my ears all morning. The only other sign of life in the apartment this morning was Kendall slamming the front door on her way out, although I don't blame her, it was half five in the morning.

I curled my toes backed under the warmth of the duvet as I pressed my head further into the feather pillows. I smiled contently just enjoying the relaxing, peaceful moment. I ignored the rumbling in my stomach as I closed my eyes shut once again. I began subconsciously humming along to the current song, unaware I had been joined in the room by another presence. I jumped a little when I felt the bed sink down. I didn't say anything as the comforter was pulled back and another body joined me.

"What's up?" I asked with my eyes still closed but reached out and turned the music off. I knew something was wrong because that's the only time Laura would venture under my sheets. When she didn't respond immediately I instantly knew something was definitely up.  I turned my body over so we were face to face. I opened my eyes and took in her dishevelled appearance. Normally she looked well groomed but her hair was knotted, sticking out at all angles and her skin was sickly pale but her eyes looked the worse, tired and lifeless.

I reached my hand out and brushed away some of the loose strands of hair hanging delicately across her porcelain looking skin. She caught my hand in her own and squeezed her fingers around mine. "What was it about?" I questioned, I had already assumed her mood had something to do with Niall since she was only ever upset like this about him, and it had only happened once before. They were like two peas in a pod so when they did argue it was normally something big. Last time it was about Niall forgetting Valentines Day but it had only seemed that way because he had actually planned for them to go away for the weekend and wanted to keep it a secret until they left – Laura wouldn't have any of it though, her face when she found out was priceless however.

"I hate him," she snarled with venom in her tone. I certainly wasn't prepared for that reply and it took me quite literally by surprise. "He's such a twat."

"What did he do? Yesterday you loved him right?" I asked, propping myself up on one elbow so I could study her face properly. Her features tensed as she replied.

"Not Niall you idiot," she let out a small laugh but the humour behind it was missing as she flicked my arm. "Harry, I hate him." 

"Join the club," I joked. I didn't hate Harry because if you look at the whole fiasco through his eyes the story looked very different however he was still acting like an utter idiot. "But in all seriousness what did he do to you? I'm not afraid to give him a piece of my mind or maybe even a handprint to the face if you'd like?" 

"Honestly," she sighed heavily. "I think that would make the situation even worse. You know he really doesn't like you at the moment?"

"I know," I sighed matching her enthusiasm level. "He's just protecting his friends, or so he thinks. He thinks I've ruined the reputation of the band and I'm dragging Louis down. He's just fuel to the fire. He has a hot head with not a lot of brain cells right now." 

"I overheard him talking with Niall, well it was more like arguing because Niall wouldn't stand for his stupidity." 

"What were they arguing about?"

"Harry wants Niall to end it with me, cut all the ties with us so they can focus on the music. I know their main focus is music but I've never been a hindrance to them before." 

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