I stepped out of the shower and started to dry off.

“Honey! Can you come down stairs for a moment?” My Mother called up

I groaned. Was I not just down there? Gosh she’s annoying.

“In a minute!” I yelled back

I put my bra and panties on, then I slid my baby blue dress over  my head.

"Raynie!" My Mom yelled

"Didn't I tell you to hold on?!" I asked

"Raynie hurry up!" She yelled

"Oh for the love of God, shut up!" I yelled back

She didn't reply so I resumed with getting ready.

I put my white flats on and went to my vanity. I put some gel on my hand and started scrunching my long blonde hair.

Washing my hand I wondered what she wanted. I should take my time just to annoy her.

I grabbed a towel and dried my hand. Then I grabbed my make-up bag, put a little mascara and eye-liner on to make by bright blue eyes pop. I put on a tint of lip gloss.

Pleased with myself, I started walking down stairs slowly.

When I got down stairs I saw three extra people sitting there. I turned to my mom,

“What’d you want?” I asked utterly bored

“Sit down.” She ordered

She knows I don’t like being told what to do. I clenched my jaw, crossed my arms and stayed standing.

“I don’t like being told what to do.” I stated

“Sit down, Raynie.” My Dad said

I smiled at him, “Sure Daddy.”

My Mom is annoying and whiney, that’s why I don’t listen to her.

I sat down and looked at the people on the other side of the room.

“Honey, you know my boss Mr. Gomez. This is his wife Marianna and his son Mackenzie.” My Father said

I stood up and walked over to them, “Nice to see you again, Sir.” I said to Mr. Gomez

They all stood up except the boy.

“Nice to see you to Rayniesha.” He said smiling

This man looks good for his age. Emerald green eyes and light brown hair.

“Nice to meet you, Marianna.” I said shaking her hand

“Likewise.” She said smiling politely

Marianna turned to the boy. Now that I got a better look at him, I noticed how hot he was.

 He has emerald green eyes just like his father, black hair like his mom and his skin was tanned. I think he’s Mexican but he could also be Indian. He was wearing a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and dark wash jeans.

“Mackenzie! Get up!” Marianna snapped

Mackenzie rolled his eyes, “What’d I tell you about bossing me around?”

“Stand up.” She repeated

“Noooo.” He said slowly

“Mackenzie, stand up.” Mr. Gomez sighed

“Of course Dad.” He said getting up

“Hi.” I said with a little wave

He looked me up and down. I raised a brow and watched him curiously. I turned around and sat back down next to my Dad.

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