Living witout her-Chapter 1

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It has been over 4 years since Ally left me and I still haven't gotten over yet. Oh the heartbreaking feeling every time I think about the time we shared.
"Titus come on its time to get ready for preschool", I yelled from downstairs, so that the toddler would here me. I was working on breakfast because today was a special day, it was going to be my little babies first day of school.

Once breakfast was done I went upstairs to see what was taking Titus so long, when I walked into the room I saw Titus in his closet trying to find his clothes," hey buddy come on, we need to leave soon" , " Bubba I'm taking my times", he replied trying to say his sentenced. With Titus having a slit speech impediment he calls me Bubba instead of dad. As I was walking down I heard a loud thud. And then I saw a cutely dress Titus coming in for breakfast. "Hey, bud where having pancakes for breakfast. " Yeah", he screamed at the sound of food.
After breakfast we got into and I started him into in Disney Cars car seat. Once we got to his preschool I had to sign him. Once he got signed in he went to class. After he got to class I started driving to work.
Hey its Jake so this is a new chapter. What do you think will happen in the next chapter.

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