A Clue

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“Fuck it, I’m Googling it.”

“No!” I jumped on his back, pulling him onto my bed. We were in my room, it was afterschool. We had spent the entire day trying to solve this. You could say we hit a bit of a wall trying to figure it out. 

“Finley,” he laughed. I pulled him back down after he broke away from me. He spun, and suddenly, I was pinned. “Do you really think you could hold me down?” he smiled, moving down my neck with his lips. He moved across my collar bone. ‘I’m doing it.” He spun, jumping for my computer.

“No!” I screeched, jumping on his back again. He caught me and laughed. “You can’t, I won’t let you.” He started walking to the computer anyway with me on his back. I covered his eyes.

“Finny,” he laughed again, I felt his dimples on my hands as I covered his face. Gosh, he had that smile that almost touched his eyes, I loved that smile. 

“Honey, are you okay?” my door swung open, and there were my parents. They were staring at their daughter on her boyfriends back, his eyes covered, his shirt partially opened with his tattoo out. I slid down his back.

“Fine, um, fine,” 

‘Harry are you staying for dinner?” My mom asked randomly. He looked at me, I nodded.

“Sure Mrs. Aims, I’d love to.”

“I told you, Lillian.” He nodded, and stood stock still. My mom left, but my dad stayed, and stared at Harry.

“Dad,” I hissed. He snapped out of his glare, and left the door open, walking away. I rolled my eyes and shut it, seeing Harry turning on my computer.  ‘Nope, no, you can’t, that’s cheating.”

“He’s cheating from beyond the fucking grave.”

“He is not.” I shut the laptop screen. “Let’s just… distract ourselves and maybe it’ll pop in our heads.” He grinned.

“How do you suppose you can distract me? I’m a very focused man.”

“Yeah?” I boldly unbuttoned my shirt, just showing the top of what I had to offer. “I’m sure there’s a way.”

He grabbed me by my lower back, tossing me into his body as we fell onto my bed. His lips were on mine, the smiling fading out, only the amazing feeling of his lips were left. We made out for some time, only my top coming off. I stopped it after that, just as my parents called us for dinner.

“Jesus, that was a long time.” I exhaled.

He laughed, and rubbed his lip. “A very long time,” he rubbed my lips, and fixed my hair. “You’ll do.” I smiled, shaking my head and tossed my shirt on. We headed downstairs. We were sitting at the table, about done with our meal when a light bulb went off.

“You guys are professors.”

“Yes, hello, nice to meet you.” My mom laughed.

“You’re brighter than me. Mom, dad, can you answer this question for me?”  They nodded. “When you buy me I’m black, when you use me I’m red, and when you throw me away I’m gray.”

They looked at each other, and thought. My dad stared. “The only thing I could possibly think of…” he thought again. “Lily, don’t you think so to?”

She nodded. “If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then yes, that is the logical answer.”

“What?” I breathed out.


I snapped my head to look at Harry, he was smiling. “Does that mean something?”

He nodded. “So obvious,” he wiped his mouth. “Thank you guys for dinner, and that answer. I have to go.”

“Not without me. Bye guys,” I ran out of the house hand in hand with him. I jumped in his truck and we sped away. ‘What’s it mean?”

“Fuck,” he smacked the steering wheel with a smile. “Camp outs, so many campouts. I have a fire pit in the back yard. That has to be it right, I mean, charcoal, fire? I’m assuming that’s what he meant. We’d do that all the time.”

“He sounds like a good dad.” I half whispered.

“Good dads don’t leave.” He spun the wheel and with a few more feet we were at his house. He got out; I knew I had to drop the subject, fast. We went to the back yard. “Nothing will be here Fin. It’s shit, I haven’t used it since before he died, that was years ago.”

“It won’t hurt,”

I got down on my knees, and started digging through the fire pit. I didn’t see anything. I lifted up a few stones. “Well, I know you were thinking fire but maybe he meant something else. Did you grill with him?”

“Grill?” he thought. His eyes got bigger and he went into the garage, pulling up the large door. It was musty, and dark. He pulled on a light, it was full of boxes.

“What is this stuff?”

“Him.” He said simply. He moved some things around, and he pulled out a red round grill, a very old one. It had a bit of rust eating away at it.  ‘He never got rid of this damn thing.” He muttered. “It was shit.” He lifted off the top, and inside was a card, and a box. His eyes got even bigger. I rubbed his back gently. He picked up the card.

“Good job bud,’ Harry rolled his eyes as he read aloud. “Remember all those times we grilled. I let you do it once when you were seven, nearly burned the whole damn place down. I want you to remember something important,” his voice faded out as he read a personal part. I wouldn’t push; he could keep that between his father and himself. “Now,” he cleared his throat. “The next clue is in the box. Having fun yet?” He sighed and opened up the box. He held up a key. ‘Oh what the hell?” he groaned, giving up before he even gave it a chance. 

“Look at it,” I smiled. He lifted it up closer, and examined it. It had a black key chain. He ran his hands over it, deep in thought. He smiled faintly. “What?”

“Do you want to skip school and come on a road trip with me?”

I smiled. “I would love to.”

‘This is mighty big adventure.” He said as he pulled the garage door down. “Thanks for… coming along with me Finley.”

‘Thanks for letting me.” I nudged. “Come on,” I laced my hand with his. “I want to go make out.”

He laughed and nodded, we walked into the house where he held me impossibly close. I really had no idea what this adventure would bring, but all I knew was that it was bringing me to Harry.

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