Chapter 29 - Searching

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We arrived at school very early in the morning, so we could poke around. I was a bit scared if I was being honest, who knows what we’d uncover. What would happen if we couldn’t’ find anything? It would be devastating to him. I didn’t want his heart to get any heavier over his father. I hoped this would bring him peace, and not hurt. I was hopeful that tagging along could give him a sense of security and confidence, someone he could confide in and not carry all the weight on his shoulders. 

I gazed at him, loving his comfortable outfit he had on today and his relaxed nature around me. “You’ve only ever looked at the locker?”

“Yeah, I went to the main office, asking if they still had the records from when my dad was here. He had that locker all four years.”

“Hmm,” I thought. ‘Well,” I opened up my locker, running my hands along the back. “It’s just a locker. There’s no secret hide away.”

“I know,” he groaned.

I thought. “Come with me,” I snatched his hand and we ran down the hall.

‘Why are we at the library? My dad was a football jock; he didn’t read a day in his life.”

“What year did he graduate?”

‘I don’t know, um, sometime in the late seventies probably?”

I took down the year books. ‘Go to page 161.” We sat on the floor, flipping through the vast amount of year books.

“Holy shit,” he whispered.  He lifted up a letter. The look in his eyes was pure light, they grew so large with shock, maybe hope. "Finley, you’re a fucking genius,” he grabbed my face and kissed me, taking the air from my body. He opened up the letter. He seemed confused. “Huh,” he sat in thought, and handed it to me.

Took you long enough to find this. I’m sure you were thinking it was my locker. I did that to fuck with you, sorry kid. Now, here is the next one. You used to love these as a kid. When you buy me I’m black, when you use me I’m red, and when you throw me away I’m gray? No cheating Harry. You can’t just use whatever technology is out there, think, or you can have help from someone else’s mind. The mind only. Happy hunting.

Love Dad

“Know what I’m worried about?” he said quietly.


“That all the clues will be gone because it took me so long to find that fucking letter.”

“They’ll be there, but… jeesh, he wrote these when you were ten. He’d swear around you like that?”

He smiled. “Dad had a foul mouth, all the time.”

I smiled back at him. “Now, does this hold any significance?”

“None at all. I have no idea. He used these kinds of clues all the time.” He smiled faintly. “I fucking hated them.”

“Well, let’s go figure it out.”

“You don’t have to help me.”

“I’m totally in this Harry,” I kissed him and started stacking up all the books. I saw his hands lace around my torso from behind, kissed behind my ear.

“Thank you.”

“N-No problem,” my voice was high. He smiled at my reaction. The bell rang to start the day, we left the library.

“We’ll meet up after school?” I nodded in agreement, and in front of the whole school, he walked me to class, holding my hand, and kissing me before we parted ways. It still gave me chills.

It made it so hard to concentrate on anything. I kept thinking of him, all the time, and this new path we were on. It could take us to so many places, including the past. 

We ate lunch together, trying to solve the riddle. He was getting frustrated. “That’s what pissed me off about these. He’d watch me scramble trying to figure them out, and the answers were always so fucking obvious.”

“You’ll figure it out; just let it kick around in your head.”

He nodded. “Don’t mind my baggage?”

“Nope,” I took a sip of my juice box and held it to his lips. He smiled, and had a sip.

“For a girl who never had a boyfriend, you’re a great girlfriend.”

“Why thank you, I’m not doing anything differently.’

‘I know, that’s the good thing.” 

He kissed me, putting his large hand on my thigh. I blushed a bit, and we went back to trying to figure out the riddle.

I had no idea what would possibly come from this treasure hunt, I had no idea if the results would hurt his heart. I just knew that he needed my help, and I needed to explore being with Harry on a deeper level. 

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