Chapter 38

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I held on to her neck tightly as she flew over the forest, I honestly don't think i've never been more scared in my entire life. I mean one slip and i fall to my death! That honestly isn't a very calming thought, especially if you have no idea of where the heck you are going. I mean I know it's Daisy and all but that doesn't mean she knows where we are going! Like how could she know? She hasn't even known she could do this for a very long time!

After a little while we started slowing down and going back to the ground which made me slide forward and hold on even tighter. We went through the trees nearly escaping them as she put her hooves down on the ground and stopped allowing me to get of.  Which is exactly what I did, I quickly slid of her looking around at the trees surrounding me. I couldn't see much due to the fog covering most of the ground but I could hear things. Breathing mostly, but there was more then one. It sounded like a pack, but not wolves and it sure as hell wasn't Bella. "Daisy." I said nervously looking back at the horse but she didn't move, she just stood there. That's all she did, stand there.  I quickly turned around again as I felt the warm Breath hit my neck. I sighed out of relief seeing it were about 5 centaurs standing in front of me. "Something is wrong Alex." The one in front of me said, he had a very Manly and dirty face with long hair and a long beard. "He's on his way!" "And he's moving fast!" Another one more at the back said. He seemed young, about my age, he also had long hair Pulled back in a bun but no beard. "We can't come to you but we can get Daisy to bring you here." Another said. "How?" I asked confused. "It's simple, she hasn't taken Control over the black stallion yet, if we can do it so can he!" "So you're saying I could've been killed now?" "No Arises is to smart, she's just trying to teach you something." "Well I guess it worked." "Good, now we have to go before one of 'his' see's us!" He said before turning around and cantering away, the rest of them followed only the young boy gave me one last look before following. When they were out of sight I climbed back on Daisy and went back.

"Thanks for putting my life at risk." I said as I got of. "No problem, now Daisy you'll come with me." I looked to my left only to see Daisy had gone back to normal. She stuttered something I couldn't quite understand before going after Arises. "One more thing to you Alex, we really want to help you but you'll have to go home soon. The hunters are taking over." Raven said before turning around and walking away himself. Leaving me to stand in the open field all by myself. I scoffed and let my body drop to the ground in annyomance. God I hated it when everybody made it seem as if I didn't already have enough on my mind as a normal teenager already.

It was getting dark when I felt someone sit down next to me. I already knew who it was, I smelt the trusted scent of Devan as soon as he Walked out of that door. "Daisy's been screaming for Hours." He mumbled sighing. "What are they doing to her?" I asked sounding not too interested. "Forcing her to turn on free will." "Have they thought Ben how to not be sarcastic yet?" "No." Devan said chuckling making me chuckle. "I wish." Devan added. "Poor boy." I said smiling. "Pff you could better say poor us!" "Sometimes." "You don't think this is unfair?!" "Every now and then sure, but then I think it's either me or someone else and I don't wish this upon anybody." "It''s like Wishing someone would just fuck up there life's." "True, sometimes it's kinda cool though." "Cool?" "You are a werewolf Devan! You fight big bad demons! Sounds like a fairytails doesn't it?" "It does, it doesn't sound real." "Exactly, we are part of a world many mundane's can only dream about!" "That is indeed kinda cool."he said nodding as he let a smile creep back on his face.

"Alex I need you."

I heard Ben's voice whisper, he was crying! I quickly turned to Devan to see if he heard it too but he just gave me a weird expression. "I have to go." I mumbled getting up and pacing to the door. "Where are you going?!" Devan yelled confused. "No where I....remembered something!" I quickly yelled back as I stormed through the door, it wasn't hard to find Ben as his heart was racing like a maniac. He kept crying and crying histercly making my heart drop 300 metre's and making my throat hurt. I almost wanted to cry myself just because he sounded so sad. After turning another corner I slammed into his room shutting the door behind me.

There was this little sad ball crying in front of me on his bed.

"Hey Ben." I whispered sitting down next to him but he didn't respond, he just layed there. Crying. "Ben." I said again rubbing his back. "Ben tell me what's wrong." He slowly sat himself up straight looking me directly in the eye. "Don't hate me." He said as he kept crying. "I could never hate you." I said in my most comforting voice possible. "I'm so scared!" He whispered through his tears. "Why are you scared?" "I don't want loose what I have." "Ben what happened?" "If you won't hate me the others will!" "You don't have to tell them, you can just tell me." "But I have too!" He sobbed. "Ben.." "NO U don't want to keep Hiding in this dark closet." "Then just tell me!" Ben took a deep Breath trying to calm himself down as his hands were shaking like crazy. "I like him Alex, I like Tyler." He softly whispered looking like a scared puppy.

"You mean you are gay?"

I asked rubbing his shoulder to which he just nodded. "Should I tell you something?" I asked again to which he just nodded again. "I've been keeping it a secret for a very long time but I....I am straight! Like very straight!" I joked making Ben chuckle. "I love you even if you fall in love with a tree man!" I said hugging him. "Thank you Alex." He mumbled hugging me back. "I'm just scared Tyler will hate me more then before if I admit it." He admitted letting another tear escape from his eye. "Honestly Ben, I think he'll be very reliefd he isn't the only one!" "Is he gay?!" Ben practicly spat. "I don't know, I do know he's never had a girlfriend. Or even a girl touching him except for me, and with me it wasn't sexual either."

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