Looking For My Girl

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“Mum, someone stole Lyrica, I need to find her” I cried into the phone, “Sweaty, I’ll be over soon to help you” My mum said quickly hanging up. I’ll need to call Steven, since he is the father of Lyrica. I quickly dialled in Steven’s number, she shortly answered, “Hey Cassandra, What’s the matter?” asked Steven, “Someone kidnapped Lyrica” I cried into the phone again, “I will call the cops, Don’t do anything! The cops will find her” I heard Steven on the other side, “Steven, I need to find her” I cried harder, “Relax Cassandra, Your Mum is coming over right?” asked Steven, “Yeah, she is, I just want my Baby Girl” I cried softer, “She is my Baby Girl as well Cassandra, I will tell the cops to come over to your place, they will ask you a few questions about her okay?” Asked Steven, the doorbell rang, “Okay, Thanks Steven” I said hanging up. I opened the door to see my mum and younger sister, Brianna.

“Hunny, we will find Lyrica” smiled my Mum hugging me, One day I will find her, Just not today…


Hi Fans, Dish is my New Book, Looking for my girl!

Copyrighted by the way.

I might be sick, I had a blood test *Hardest thing is that I never had one before XC* and I might have a disease, Don’t dis follow me if I do have a disease, it will just mean I will be sick while writing books XC

Hopefully you understand... I have no idea what you have to understand. I’m going to the doctors soon to see if I really do have a disease.

No hate please :C

xxx Portia

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