Chap 27: Please Don't Be A Dream

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"Wake up." You feel someone shake your shoulders lightly. You groan in complaint, pulling the edge of your blanket over your head, hoping to cover your entire frame under the duvet.
"Don't do that, come on, wake up." You feel fingers pry the blanket off of your face, a familiar pair of lips pressed lightly on your forehead. You opened your eyes slowly, rays of sunshine escaping through the rips of your curtains nearly blinded you. You raise your hand to block the blinding light, gaining back your vision, only to find a nearly angelic face merely inches away from yours.
"Chloe? What are you doing here?" The scene seemed too good to be true, she gives a you a crooked grin before coking her head to the side.
"What? Can't I pay you a visit?" Now her lips forming into a playful toothy smile.
"I thought you didn't want to see me again." Silence commenced.
"Oh." She said, the darkness of her voice almost terrified you. "About that. You really hurt me, here." She said pointing towards her heart. Soon the rays of sunshine disappeared, replaced with blood red lights. Immediately the environment horrified you.
"Out of all people, I you really gave me faith, in life, in us, in my fucking self." Her beanie slowly melted away, leaving her smiling at you in a way that sent shivers down your spine. Suddenly, streams of blood started leaking out of the side of her skull, you screamed in horror. She raises any eyebrow as the roof got higher, the walls of the room dissolved and stretched at all directions that seemed entirely physically impossible.
"Oh.. .This?" She asks, dabbing the blood with the tip of her finger, she looks at the red liquid with curiosity in her eyes before licking it and crooking her head to the side.
"This, is what happens when you decide to lose faith in me and hurt me. Damn you, damn you piece of insolent manipulative piece of trash. What happened to all those promises, all broken and unsalvageable. And now," She takes a revolver from the back pocket of her jeans.
"Knowing that I can't trust anybody anymore, everyone will pretend to care, until they don't, even you. There's no other choice but to release myself from this horror. I don't deserve any more pain, especially from you. Goodbye." She pulls the trigger, an audible *Crack* sounded from her skull, blood splattering all over your face, the remains of her skull hung on your wall. Her lifeless body now limp lying onto you. You scream again in horror.
Before you had the chance to react to any of this, a ghostly figure appeared atop of her body. It angelic light illuminating onto Chloe's body, what used to be full of life now only dwindled down into only skin and bones. Her hazel eyes staring into yours before shifting her gaze onto the now blood red haired girl. Letting out a piercing scream, you clutched your ears and winced in agony, shooting pain all over your body.
"Look what you did," Her airy voice sounded, you slowly take your palms off of your ears, listening to what the ghostly figure had to say, which you took a guess was Rachel Amber. "You let her die. And you did nothing but pity yourself for the past two days. You didn't even try to look for her, she's right. You are a piece of trash. I can't believe you would do this to her, to Chloe, to My Chloe."
Fury burned immensely in her eyes you could almost see flames in her orbs.
"You thought you could fix her, how pathetic. I've been with her for five years all I did was divert her attention from her sadness. You were an idiot for thinking that, you should just give up on her and let her go, you're just delaying her real destiny." Now tears that you were fighting back came streaming down your cheeks, you tried so hard to fight but the knot in the back of your throat forbid you to do so.
"Now you're crying? Wow."
"I'm not giving up on her! She's everything now!"
"You're full of shit. You don't even know her like I did, you don't love her, all you have is a schoolgirl crush on her-"
"SHUT UP!'' As you pranced towards her, you woke up. Sitting up, you felt a layer of sweat on your forehead.
"Fuck! I need to find her." Jumping off your bed, you proceeded towards your closet. Shuffling through it for some clothes, you came across the plaid shirt and the ripped jeans. Feeling nostalgic, you tied the plaid shirt around your waist and put the ripped jeans on. You exited your room and ran towards Max's door, without anything but with your phone in your pocket. Not even bothering to knock, you barged in, only to see the brown haired girl sitting on the floor in the middle of her room. Papers scattered messily everywhere and a few opened books laying in front of her. She grasps a calendar tightly in her hands and stares at it intensely.
"It's October 11th... It should be today! Where is it?! Am I going crazy-" She notices you entering, feeling startled, she immediately prances up, standing in front of the pile attempting to cover it.
"Haven't you heard of knocking?" "What's October 11th?" "N-nothing, what do you want?" You sighed and closed the door behind before walking towards her while looking through your phone.
"It's about Chloe, I haven't heard anything from her for two days, and I can't find her anywhere." Liar, you didn't even look for her.
"Well, I haven't heard from her since the night of the break in."
"Do you have any idea on where to go?"
"Have you tried her house?"
"I asked Joyce, she said she hasn't seen Chloe since two days ago as well. But she doesn't sound too worried, maybe this has happened before."
"Well, how about the junk yard?" You eyes lit up before pulling Max's hand and ran out of her room.
"You're a genius! Now all we need is a car, let's get to Warren's"

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